olive rggh or anthracite rggh envelope clutch?

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  1. i'm having a dilemma right now whether i should keep my olive rggh or anthracite rggh envelope clutch. help me ladies to decide which one to keep
  2. anthra rggh env for me :biggrin:
  3. agree with foxy ;) anthra +rggh is amazing!!
  4. well i should keep anthracite then!
  5. keeping anthra rggh is a great choice!
  6. And sell your Olive EC to me!!:sneaky:
  7. Anthra RGGH
  8. Anthra rggh!
  9. Another vote for anthra rggh!
  10. anthra RGGH for sure! :love:
  11. anthra!!
  12. :tup: Anthra RGGH
  13. Keep the anthra!!
  14. i love the anthra after taking pictures of myself in the mirror with the envelope!