Olive mini twiggy

  1. Nice olive mini twiggy. Too bad only ships to US and no Paypal. Good for my pcoketbook, though!
  2. Oh goodness gracious, the leather looks so nice on this one! I have always fancied the mini twiggy. ~sigh~
  3. This bag is on it's 3rd owner in 8 weeks! I first started tracking this baby when it was being sold on a best offer on ebay by a consignment seller. In fact, asking about mini bags might have been one of my first posts on tPF!
    Then it was sold, and then sold again! And now it's back. This is getting to be like the poodle bag.
    It's so cute, too.
  4. ^^ Bbag, do you happen to remember how much this little guy sold for the last times?
  5. Why is that? :wtf:
  6. i emailed the seller. she said paypal is OK (just email her after you win). i'd like to know how much this sold the previous times as well. anyone remember?
  7. TTucker,
    I believe it was $560-570, but please don't hold me to that. If memory serves, I think that each time it was re-listed, it opened at the last selling price. However, if anyone remembers this differently, please correct me. The original seller had it at $675, OBO. And she bought it for $559.
  8. Everybody,
    I am totally sorry if I am getting in the way here! I was just mentioning the history more as trivia than anything else. I thought then, and think now, that this bag is great!
    But there is something about the pictures and the text of the ad that is giving me deja vu...

  9. ^^ I totally agree! I'm glad you said something about it being on Ebay a few times-- there's nothing wrong in that by itself of course, but I'm kind of iffy about the fact that this current auction is *exactly* the same as a previous one (that did have a buyer). If nothing else, change the personalized statements (i.e., "I purchased this bag recently, but found it to be a touch small for me, though it easily holds my clutch-sized wallet, several lip glosses, sunglasses and keys." That's exactly what the previous seller had said). It may be nothing, but with this amount of $$ involved, even a tiny red flag is enough for me!

    That being said, I think this is a precious bag!
  10. Ok, I'll bite ... what is the poodle bag? ;)
  11. There was this bag, that was eaten by somebody's poodle, and it had been repaired, I think...susan-eric, where are you???? Doh, I can't remember all the details, but it kept coming back up on ebay. It was the BEST, just because of the story.
  12. Exactly! Thank you for understanding. FYI, the reason I did not bid on this bag from the ORIGINAL seller, was that she was not honest with me in telling me how she acquired the bag. She said that it was a customer's bag, when in fact, through searching her feedback, it was revealed that she herself had purchased the bag from a seller in HK. So that's how it started, and why I've sort of been 'watching' this as it's made the rounds.
    But it's still a cute bag! One can't blame the bag, just because it has bad parents!