Older scarves...questions...

  1. Assuming it's not a really RARE design, and it's in overall excellent to very good condition (say, a small pull, for instance, or even no flaws), what do you normally pay for older scarves if you buy them?
    I have sort of been on a buying binge lately with older scarves, and I just kind of want a sanity check...for the most part I'm getting them for about $100 plus shipping, maybe a bit more.
    Am I overpaying? Am I getting good deals?
    The reason I like a lot of the older scarves is that I tend to like muted or subdued colors (a lot of camels and tans, or classic black colorways) and I really like the equestrian related designs a lot. Many of the current scarves are very bright for me, I guess because it's S/S season.

    On a related note, is Brides de Gala hard to find in a 35x35 scarf? I have the wrap in rouge h, and I looooove it, but don't even know when it was last made in 35 size. There's one on eBay right now that I was considering, and I just wanted to know if it's unusual enough to pay more than I normally would??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Good grief! The cheapest vintage H scarf I ever got was $150 and that turned out to be a bad replica. [the dog wears it]. I always pay hundreds. I need you to call me when you're out shopping and tell me what you're finding out there. Brides de gala has been faked. watch out on eBay.
  3. Carol, thanks so much!! I guess I am getting some good deals after all then? Or I'm really cheap...one or the other! I do have good resale shops here with lots of Hermes, and sometimes I get lucky on eBay too. I am by NO means a scarf expert, so I really appreciate the heads up on possible fake Brides de Gala. I absolutely love the design but so far it's been basically impossible for me to find in a boutique unless it's cashmere, and DH was kind enough to get that for me last birthday.
  4. You're definitely not overpaying.

    The BdG is not a rare scarf by any stretch of imagination, however the colourway you have in mind is one I haven't seen and very beautiful.
  5. Thanks very much, Hello2703! I am actually not that picky about colorways for BdG (other than really bright colors, which I don't even think it came in?), but sadly I got outbid on a perfect one for me today. :crybaby: Oh well! Maybe I'll just have to console myself with something else...new. !
  6. Oh, I'm sorry, i know the feeling :sad: BUT something is out there just for you, just not today....
  7. CynNYC, I have paid anywhere from peanuts to well over retail for vintage pieces. If you are getting things in the $100 range that you are happy with, then I say


    to you!!

    Some things come around frequently, some dont. If you find something you love, it really is a matter of the three C's----colourway, condition and comfort (with your wallet). I HATE to pay over retail for a used scarf, but I dont mind paying in the neighborhood of retail for an older, rarer carre, that is in my grail/lust for/must have/hot to own database---- even if it has a problem or two

    ...if I have been questing for it, I am happy to find it, even if it is around retail...

    I ask myself...if my SA showed me this, would I whip out THE AMEX CARD????

    That being said, I LOVE to get a bargain...
  8. Oh, and I dont buy anything that would look awful on me, even if it is rare as hens teeth.
  9. Hee!

    Thanks, HK and Cobalt! I think overall I'm pleased with the small scarf collection that I am building, I just am sort of new to the scarves so I wanted to be sure I'm on the right track. I still don't know *which* designs are the most desirable--and it kind of makes me laugh and cringe when I think of all the ones I cleaned out of my MILs closet in the past and sold on eBay for peanuts! Those were the days, though, when buyers could score genuine stuff for not much more than people pay for fakes now.
    I just really, really wish I had kept that Central Park scarf! Who knew I'd suddenly develop a scarf fetish, thanks to tPF??

    edit, and what do I see tonight on eBay? A BdG in black/white/gold! Hmm. Very nice.
  10. CynNYC, those finds are still out there!....we read recently about someone finding a Mosiac carre in a bag at goodwill..and so on (or something like that) .....I still see great finds on Ebay and auction houses....

    dont feel bad about MILs scarves! You will find bargains to make up for the ones that got away!!!
  11. Or more than likely I'll just stop being cheap and buy them from H all the time! LOL

    It's funny, I totally see the value proposition of an eight thousand dollar bag (much to the dismay of my husband), but a $340 piece of silk seems to be something I reserve buying unless it's a "treat". Something is very wrong with that picture!!! Or, very right. :roflmfao:
  12. or both, c -- hermes is a complex subject. :p
  13. Ohhhh it really is, DQ! I am constantly amazed at how much I am learning all the time about this brand. I honestly thought I knew a good amount about Hermes before coming to post here at tPF regularly, but the wealth of knowledge so many of you possess just boggles my mind! It's kind of inspiring, actually.
    I just hope I don't wear out my welcome, either here OR at my H boutique! :s I just get so excited with all the new stuff there is to know (um, and buy).
  14. oh, that is one of my wish scarves! The Hommage a Central Park in aqua... was yours in black or aqua? they appear on Ebay every now and then...
  15. provcoll, mine was black, and I am just heartbroken over selling it! The good news (as a seller, that is) was that it sold really really high.