Older (pre-06) vs. Current (07) Leather

  1. Hi Gals!

    I am a Chloe cross-over, desperately in love with Balenciaga.

    I have pretty much decided on a Black City bag for my first dip into the pool.

    So I have heard a lot of opinions that the older leather is much nicer, prettier, softer, etc.

    Is this a matter of- preference- or *quality*?

    For example, IMHO the 07 Chloe Paddys have very stiff leather that reflects flaws in the cow-hide itself (ugly scars, blemishes, poor dye jobs, etc). as compared to the or 06 that are better hides, or the 05 bags that were made of calfskin and not cowskin.

    So I am wondering if the earlier Bal leather is better, or just a personal choice when it comes to looks, etc?
  2. After owning 06 and prior I prefer the older leather. Big differences there, but that's just my opinion.
  3. A lot of the 07 leather I've seen thus far, are really nice...I say for your first bbag (as this will surely NOT be your last! :graucho:) , just get a brand new one that was only touched by yourself!
  4. I have a Chloe paddy from 05 and adore the leather. If you prefer the softer leather then I'd look for a city from spring/summer 05 or prior. I have a black Day from s/s 05 and it's thick and buttery soft......not as thick as my 05 paddy though but still gorgeous! If you go to atliernaff.com, it will show you how to identify seasons/year on the bags. I believe there is a Black City right now on eBay from s/s 05. It has an "A" which indicates this season, on the metal plate inside the bag. Good Luck!
  5. My 07 black city has beautiful leather on it - just as nice as the 06 truffle:wlae:
  6. I have a Black City with 07 leather and it is wonderful, smooshy, soft leather. It is amazing!

    If you don't have BBags in your city call BalNY and ask for Daphne, she picks amazing bags.
  7. Thank you gals!!

    So I am getting the idea that leather in Bal years is really a matter of personal tastes than of degredation of production quality ove time?

    I am enamored of the 05 Chloe leather but for it's flawlessness and color satuaration.

    The newer Chloes has serious quality control issues, IMHO.

    I am sooo excited to get a black Bal City!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Congratulations hmwe46!! And welcome to the addiction!
  9. As a newbie to bbags I always assumed the leather would generally be the same - but I'm amazed by how it differs! Some are thick, thin, smooshy, dry...etc. I guess when you don't pick out your own you gotta just hope the SA picks out a good one :smile:

    For my next bbag.. whenever that'll be! I definitely hope to hand pick it myself.

    Congrats & please post pics when you get her!!
  10. Thanks!! I have a lead on a bag and just wondered if I'd be missing out if I bought new (06) v. trying to find a really good condition pre-loved bag.

    BTW: here is the Chloe family she will be joining:

  12. my anthracite has very nice leather. it's not as thick or as smooth as the older seasons but it's very soft. it's definitely better than 06 leather.
  13. IMO the new leather may be nice (consensus seems to be that it is nicer than '06) but it is nowhere near as nice (again IMO) as that from s/s '05 or earlier. I do believe that because the earlier bags were not as mass produced, the quality of the leather is better than that they would use for more mass production. None of my '05 or earlier bags have needed to be conditioned or anything. I can't bring myself to buy any of the newer bags now that I have my older ones. That being said, if you prefer a new unused bag, I am sure you will be very happy with the '07 bags.
  14. Are those two white Chloe's the same bag?? :p
  15. hmwe46 - hi from another chloe crossover!

    i'm thinking of getting The First in grenat.