Old VS New Logo

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  1. I have lusted over the Small Vertical Cabas in Black for years and years. A few days ago, I randomly went to Celine’s website and I saw it was available online, I pulled the trigger. I received it and fell in love even more! However, out of sheer excitement, I did not realize I had purchased one with the new logo on it. I had always known the version of the old logo and was expecting to receive one with the old logo. Although I loved the bag, I called a nearby boutique, “just to see” if they had one in stock with the old logo. I couldn’t get the old logo out of my head and I wanted it badly! Luckily, they had one in stock! Apparently, the last in the company (Neiman Marcus). I had it placed on hold and went to pick it up earlier today, with full intention to return the one I had purchased online. Again, out of sheer excitement, I purchased it. I couldn’t believe I was able to get a brand new one with the old logo! However, after comparing the two, I don’t know which to keep and I may possibly like the new logo bag better??. The old logo’s top handles are droopy (maybe due to storage?), the D rings have a very audible (and annoying) squeaky noise while being worn, and the crossbody strap is missing a loop(?). So here’s my problem: if I keep the old logo just for clout’s sake, will I regret keeping it when the rest of the bag isn’t “perfect”? If I keep the new logo bag, will I regret not keeping the old logo when I had the chance? Help!!

    I have two Small Vertical Cabas bags. One with the old logo, one with the new. Which do I keep?

    Old Logo

    Missing loop on crossbody strap

    New Logo

    Old VS New
  2. How about the leather? Any difference? For logo wise I definitely prefer the old style
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  3. Old logo all the way for me too.
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  4. Old logo may be nicer, but the new bag has the logo in the center and no awkward "made in italy" on the side. Maye it's just me, but the placement and the lack of symmetry (sort of) is really off putting.
  5. The leather is more or less the same. The only difference is there’s some slight wear on the old logo bag, probably due to it being displayed, tried on, etc. And also the weird squeak on the crossbody strap.
  6. I'm not so sure if the issue here is old logo vs new logo as it looks like the cabas with old logo is defective. My small vertical cabas is ok, the handles stay upright, the loops don't make any sound and the strap is fine. So it's hard for you to compare old logo with defects vs new logo without defects. Maybe ask the store if they can search for a bag with old logo, so that you can compare like for like?
  7. If you don’t mind the new logo just return the old logo.
  8. I personally would prefer the new bag (no defects) and the new logo (do not like the placement of the old one at all).
    A year from now I would still see the defects on the older bag and feel the importance of owning an "old" logo will no longer be all that important.....honestly I do not understand the desire even now but that's just me. Is the hunt for the perfect "old" logo worth the time to hunt down, return the old, etc?
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  9. If it‘s missing a loop for the strap and the handles are dropping down, why are you even thinking twice? No way I‘d keep a defective bag just for the sake of a logo..
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  10. If the question would only be about the logo, I'd keep the old one just because I prefer to have "Phoebes logo" on Phoebes designs, but as the older one seems defective I would keep the new one, but only If I would not be able to hunt down a new (old) bag with the old logo without defects. That would aboslutely be worth the struggle just to get the old logo, if that's possible that is, imo! :smile:
  11. Hi all, thanks for this thread and posing a similar question.

    Just purchased the small vertical canvas which I’ve been obsessed with - in the fall during the old Celine craze stores in NYC only had color block options that were not my preference so I held off but have been getting concerned that I won’t be able to find one. I just travelled to Korea and found one in a DFS in a lovely dark green (Amazone) color. That said it is with the new logo... and I am debating whether to keep. Is that silly?

    The color is lovely and the leather seems of same/on par quality and originally I was much more concerned on the style being discontinued so I impulse purchased without hesitation. Now that I’ve had time to think through... and looking through the Celine threads, I’m wondering if it is odd to have a phoebe design with new logo. Thoughts?? (w pics)
    B6C45D6A-E626-4D5E-9667-EA1FABFB5ADA.jpeg A0EC41DF-1070-46E0-8B7D-B8D80B21A296.jpeg
  12. Like old one
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  13. Honestly, depending on where you are based and what stores you have access to, it's rare to find a new bag with the old logo in Celine stores, and it'll get even rarer. So you just have to choose between whether you'd be okay purchasing 2nd hand and having the old logo or if a new bag matters more.

    If you love the bag, keep it. If you're having doubts, return it. It's always better to return and purchase later when you're certain than get stuck with a bag past the return date.
  14. It’s been a while and I’m not as uptight about new logo v old logo. However on this particular bag I prefer the new logo, it looks tidier without the extra writing and is positioned much better.