"Old Thread Warning"

  1. Today I noticed that another forum I belong to includes the following warning box, which has to be checked, when a user wants to reply to a very old thread. Wondering if this might be useful here too? Just a suggestion.

    On the one hand, bumping three-four-five year-old "dead" threads can be unwelcome. But of course you also don't want newbies starting lots of new duplicate threads for issues that have been discussed in the past. So its always a balancing act. Still, perhaps something to consider as tPF ages and the forum has lots of five-year-old threads kicking around...

  2. Ooo, I love this idea!
  3. Great Idea. :tup:
  4. cool! Yeah, sometimes it's fine. Other times, like when people are asking if they should get "this one" or "this one" it's pretty ridiculous, lol!
  5. It could work best, I think, if the software "clock" could be set going by the date of the last post, rather than by the date the thread was created... For example, you'd get the warning if you called up a 2006 thread that hasn't been posted in for two years. You wouldn't get the warning if you called up a 2006 thread that was just posted in last month or last week.
  6. Love this idea, Cosmo!! :tup: Good to see you again!! :hbeat:

  7. Thanks Nat! :ghi5:
  8. Why not just archive old threads? Pick a cutoff date and have them archived. They'd be searchable but not possible to respond to. The worst that can happen is a repeat of a previously discussed topic, but it's no worse than the continuation of a thread after it's archived for reaching 5K posts.
  9. Because some info isn't time sensitive.
    I'm post on a forum that auto closes old threads and I hate it :sad:
  10. A warning is better than not having one. I just figured that some things could be safely put to bed, namely anything not responded to for 4 or 5 years.

  11. Great idea and the implementation would definitely have to take into consideration the age of the last post in the thread. We still have some threads (reference threads) that are several years old, yet have ongoing discussions.

    I see a lot of boards that do that and quite frankly I am not sure about whether it's a good idea or not.
  12. I have seen ones where the OP asks what she should tell her Mom in Law with regard to this weekend with the 2 year old kids etc. when by all accounts the kids is grown and married already.
  13. ^yes, those!!!

  14. This is a great idea!!
  15. I like the idea too Cosmo! Thanks for showing us - we will def look into it!