Old Stock at Barney's Las Vegas

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  1. I was at the Barney's in Las Vegas this weekend and saw that they had some old stock. They had two Truffle Works from 2006 (I bought one of them) and one older First. I think it was from 2006 as well, and it was brown, but darker than the Works. All of these bags still had the older price tags and were $100 less than the new bags.
  2. That could have been 2006 Olive /Marron, one of the great (rare) browns. Both Truffle and Olive Bown came out F/W 2006 but you so rarely see the darker one (olive brown/marron). I LOVE this color - have a PT and day in this color and they rock.
  3. That might be it. It is definitely darker and deeper brown than the truffle works. And again, still has the old price, so if anyone is looking for a First in this color, you should contact Barney's in Las Vegas.
  4. Did they have any '07 bags ... e.g., anything in the '07 Jaune or '07 Vert d'Eau colors? What about '08 Bouton d'Or?
  5. I don't think I saw any of the '07 bags but if I recall correctly they did have at least one '08 Bouton d'Or. I'm not sure which style, but I'm thinking it was a city. There may have been a first too, but I won't swear to that. But I'm almost positive there was at least one yellow bag.
  6. Hi, I was at the LV Barney's a less than two weeks ago and I saw the 08 Bouton d'Or, like Tmitch, I do not remember what style(s). I was there looking at the new colors so I wasn't paying that much attention. Sorry. If you are interested I could give them a call for you and report back.

  7. By the way, both the Barney's and Balenciaga websites have '08 yellow bags right now.