Old Navy has Cole Haan knock offs?

  1. Is it just me or do these look like knock offs of the Village tote? Am I surprised that they used leather on the accents. Every bag I have ever seen from Old Navy has been faux leather(which I despise).


  2. At my Old Navy I also saw an all leather Linea Pelle Piper Speedy-ish style bag. It was actually kind of nice, the leather was washed and very soft. For $50.00. But it was def a LP style bag.
  3. ^^ And it's real leather?

    I bet they'll go on sale REALLY cheap, knowing Old Navy. I'd buy one for the beach or something :shrugs:
  4. Meh. I wouldn't call it a knock off as the bags have slight differences. More like designer inspired.
  5. there's also bags at old navy w/ a braided strap, like the LV LE nimbus bags.
    i bought one... =) it's a pretty good bag for old navy.