Old (discontinued) Pap?

  1. Does anyone have the one where the trim is not vachetta but is the cross grained leather that is on the inside? I would like to see more pics or if anyone has more info about it. I think it would be a nice feature not to have to worry about vachetta.
  2. Is the one that let-trade selling on his site the discontinued one? From the pics it looks like the trim is the same material as the inside.
  3. I miss this graine leather !
  4. Yes, I have the 26 and it's awesome! I use it in the rain! This type of bag was d/c in 2002 (?) or close to that year.

    Here's a pic of it with my current-leather 30:
  5. It's the cross grain leather that lines the monogram wallets, it is very sturdy and stain resistant IMO.....I believe they started the vachetta on this piece around 2000-2001 or so......
  6. So what do you think about the bag that let-trade is offering? Is it a bit too worn? (Especially the hardware...can I get it repolished by LV?) I really like the papillon, but I'm scared of the vachetta. I hope this type can stand winter weather...
  7. ^^^ Oh it will totally stand winter weather! I'm from Alberta! I've used it in light snow (although with any bag, I try to shield it from any bad weather) and it remains in mint condition! Great bag!

    The one from let-trade is okay - they do show up on eBay and in better condition. It costs about 70Cdn to replace the zipper.
  8. Do you guys think it's worth getting the pap with the cross grained trim or the new one with vachetta?