Old colors? Size?

  1. First time poster, long-time lurker here. And I looooove B-bags.

    So I've finally saved up practically enough to treat myself to a Christmas present.. and I really want a B-bag. I've always wanted a white one, but I just recently discovered the '04 turquoise and I fell in love.

    So my question is:

    Where would I be able to find an '04 turquoise, or a previous year's color, other than eBay? Is it hopeless? ):

    Also.. I'm 5'0". Would a City be too big? I've been going through the "wearing your B-bag" thread and in some pics it looks really big ): I'm afraid it'll end up bigger than I am, hahah.
  2. welcome! Your only bet for an 04 in turq or any color color for that matter would be eBay, however if you can wait a little for the new 07 colors to come into stores you might find a color you love just as much as turq. There are alot of blue, green colors coming out for the spring that you should take a look at. As for the size of the city, I dont think your too short at all for a city, but it really depends on personal preference. I would suggest going to your cloeset retail store that carries balenciaga and try on the city, esp if you plan on buying from eBay bc you can't return. Anyway, I hope I helped I'm sure there will be much more help from the other girls here, goodluck and keep up updated!
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