Old Coach Bags

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  1. where would be a good place to purchase authentic, but "last season" coach bags? outlets? eBay? anywhere else?
  2. Definitely outlets if you want to be sure they are authentic. eBay is wonderful though, and sometimes cheaper than the outlet and sometimes not, depending on the demand of the bag on eBay. If you buy off ebay, definitely post in the authenticate this thread.
  3. i recently purchased a bag from last summer, (05), by calling JAX and lucky for me it was still available!!!!
  4. JAX? what's that
  5. I don't know where you are located but the Coach outlets are AWESOME!!
  6. mhm
    JAX is the central warehouse for coach, it's in jacksonville florida
    here is the number for customer service
    1 888 602-6224
    just give them a style # and they can look it up
    good luck!!! it's worth a try depending on what your looking for:yes:
  7. Definitely outlets. You can also try stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls.