Old Clemence vs. New Clemence??

  1. Please... I'm confused!! I have a question: I just received a Birkin 35 in Bleu Brighton and the leather is clemence. However, unlike any I've seen, this particular birkin is very slouchy :wtf:. The leather is so soft that the bag sort of collapses when it's standing on its own. I have another Birkin 35 in Noir, and supposedly the leather is also clemence. But compared to the Bleu Brighton, my Birkin Noir still holds its shape and although the leathers are supposed to be the same, the Noir is more stiff , the grains are more pronounced (although not as raised as Togo), than the Bleu Brighton.
    Does anyone know, why the difference? I'm really, really confused :confused1::confused1::confused1:... The SA told me that somehow, the clemence in Bleu Brighton seems to turn out more slouchy than in others. Is this true?? Is it only slouchy in Bleu Brighton or is this a new type of clemence? Please someone enlighten me!!
    Also, I'm starting to question about my Noir now. Is it really clemence, or could it be something else? Does anyone know the difference btw clemence and fjord? I'm so so confused, I've been looking at both my birkins for hours trying to figure this out :sos:,
  2. My BJ clemence birkin is also quite slouchy... Clemence does seem to vary in slouch/structure from bag to bag...
  3. My experience with clemence (and I have a bag in BB clemence although not a Birkin) is that the leather is variable in its slouchiness and its grain. For instance, my oldest Birkin (2001) has almost no slouch despite heavy use, whereas my newest Birkin came with a slight curve to its side. The grains can be large or small, but are as you say, flatter than Togo. So...I don't know about clemence being slouchier in BB in particular, but I do know that there is significant variability between the skins.
  4. I have heard this too.

    my 30cm BB birkin stands up nicely and so does my 35cm togo.

    I have a 35cm clemance on order...and when I go see if....if its really really slouchy from the beginning I might not get it.

    I have some anxiety about it. I don't mind some slouchy but I don' want a ton at the beginning.

    I think it just varies with clemance.
  5. I know.... I was so torn when I was deciding whether or not I want to take it... Can u imagine the dilemma? :shocked: If I pass it, I dunno how long I'd get the chance to get another Bleu Brighton birkin! So despite the concerns about the slouchiness, I had to take it. Can't forgive myself if I let it go and never got the chance again:cry: I must say though, now that I own it, perhaps it's self-affirmations :blush:, I keep telling myself it's going to be a new look for me. A more "casual" birkin to go with my more casual looks.
  6. Phew.... thx Pepper! I always wonder whether the grains in Clemence varies in sizes. Good to know someone else has the same experience.
  7. Whitebirkin, Fjord has a slightly more spaced-out grain, and more matte finish than Clemence; it is also slightly thicker. I would normally say that Fjord will hold up well over time without the slouchiness of Clemence, but my latest addition is actually a bit more flimsy than my older Fjord. I think it just varies quite a bit.

    I know that the Bleu Brighton pieces I've been seeing have been very unusual in texture for Clemence; they seem more smooth...in fact, another TPF member and I almost thought it was Swift until we were told otherwise based on the tag.
  8. Thanks Orchid!! These variations make me crazy!!! :sweatdrop:
    Anyhow, I've posted pics of my BB birkin in thread "Lovers of Slouchy Hermes." Pls check it out if you have the time!!:yes:
  9. I saw you baby^^ and it is gorgeous! Congratulations!!!
  10. As with most materials when dyed(bedsheets, leather, canvas), the darker(read: harder) the colour, the harder the results will be. Think black bedsheets and white bedsheets for an extreme example.

    The black dye process on leather will stiffen it more compared to the same process with a lighter dye.
  11. I've been told too that it varies from piece to piece.
  12. Each individual bull/cow is different.....:yes:
  13. Makes sense....:yes: Thanks for the insight!!
  14. Thanks Kellybag!!!:drinks:
  15. :tpfrox: