Old Caviar Jumbo - Impossible to Find?

  1. I'm looking for a black caviar jumbo, but really want it in the old, shinier caviar with silver hardware. The NM SAs think I'm nuts because they can't tell the difference between the caviar, plus they only have the new caviar at the Houston store.

    Has anyone seen a black jumbo in the old caviar or have any tips on how to differentiate it from the new caviar, so the SAs can try to search for it?

  2. It's pretty easy, jus to tell them that u are not lookin for hologram # startin from 110xxxx as i'm into older caviar too.

    I heard they shld have a few of this older caviar layin ard, u can ask ur SA. Anyway, i have also posted my thread abt this since i was hunting for one....LOL
  3. No, they're around. I've seen them a NM Tysons, Saks Chevy Chase, BG had a few (as per GF who was there a few days ago). What I find funny (well not really, but work with me here, lol) is that PF's can look at the new caviar and go "oh yeah, that's the new stuff" instantly but many of the Chanel SA's can not.

    Hang in there, they are around. Sadly, you may have to send a few back before you get the one you really want. Good luck!!
  4. There is one on hold with my SA,last one left, any one interested p.m. me for the information.