'Old' birkin

  1. Would you reject an 'old' birkin from a store ?

    If it's G stamped (2003), would you balk because it smells like an unwanted bag :s
  2. If it is perfectly brand new...just like a 2006 would be...if it is what I want down to the "T"...I would take it!

    (The only negative in my eyes is that if you would have purchased it years ago it would have been less expensive...if you think that much about the whole picture that is)

    Like I said, it has to be exactly as I want it to be and no signs of a prior owner. I don't care if people did not want it...as long as it is what I wanted.
  3. ^^^I agree with Kellybag about the so called bag EXACTLY what I wanted. However I am "HIBBY>>JIBBYish":sad: and trust my intuition 95% of the time (I make mistakes!) and would go with my gut if the UNWANTED was more weird than the unwanted LOVE. Also, sometimes if you got a bad feeling from it, then I would trust your intuition. If it's not EXACT then something better will come along and it will be for you.

    Flip side: It was meant for you to look at!

    Sorry JMOs and I'm going in Circles.

    Good Luck and take care!:heart:
  4. Very interesting question... How/why would a 2003 Birkin be available for purchase? I would wonder about that, but agree with KB and NHL...if it was perfect for me, I think it would be a "go"...
  5. I am surprised that a store would have a Birkin stay in stock that long. If you don't mind the question, what color/leather is it?
  6. i wouldn't care, as long as i got it from a H store and all the plastic covers are on it and like everyone else has said, it's something i don't have and i really like, then i'll get it.

    that's the beauty of an H bag, it's timeless and classic. it's never a one season trend must-have bag.
  7. I'm just curious how important the year 'stamp' is to you gals ?!!
  8. At my local boutique within a small store, they have a ton of bags that have been sitting around quite some time - they have herbags at original price and a yeoh bag that I know is at least 3 years old! Maybe somebody forgot it was there or a very special customer returned it late and never used?
  9. Do they sell the bag for the 2003 price or for the 2006 price? Perhaps they would give it to you for the 2003 price.... (one can always hope....)
  10. If the bag is absolutely what you want, in brand new perfect condition, AND they're offering it to you at 2003's price, then definitely consider taking it. Otherwise, I'd say pass.

    Date code IS important to me but that's because I'm anal about things ... If it's something that's 3 years old, I will have trouble believing that the bag has been untouched (yah I'm all about virginal bags). Also, I would wonder if there's something wrong with the bag for it to be sitting there for 3 years. For me, there'll just be lots of unanswered questions that would drive me nuts.
  11. . . .hmmm. .i have a different take on this . .since hermes bags (or whatever) never devalue, in my opinion, and they are classic, there is no difference between one that is three years old, or made yesterday. . they are not "trendy" items that get put on the sale rack. . .also, it would be great if they sold it for "original" price, but i can't really see why a business would do this, it is not in their best interest, if there is nothing wrong with the bag, they can charge the going rate for today. . . i just think noone wanted that exact combo.. .there are so many variations, and everyone wants what they want..in a less frequented location, this makes sense to me. . .if it is something you like, why not? its just as gorgeous as it was the day it was made. . . :smile:
  12. Interesting that it is still around. Perhaps it was a transfer from another boutique where it wasn't selling. They should sell at the 2003 price, but you know that they won't. I would examine it very carefully, and if your gut feeling is that it is ok and you aren't getting any bad vibes, I would buy it if it is really what you wanted. Actually, the last comment applies to any bag at any time. If it doesn't "speak" to you, then pass.
  13. Does anyone think that there is the possiblity that it belonged to an SA who never used it and now wants to unload/exchange it. I wouldn't think that the boutique would allow that, but perhaps that is up to the Manager.
  14. wouldn't bother me in the slightest....I really don't get off on J stamps (or whatever the current year is)......the only time I am really interested in the date stamp is vintage bags.
  15. I bought a wallet for my mother that was 3 years old. I didn't even think twice about it but now I wonder why it was around. It was a Dogon in Blue Jean togo. Lovely piece, but why had it been around so long??