Olav pm on a teenager. BUT what clothes to go with it??

  1. Hey sexy people! Im a 15 yr old teenager, im ok at dressing without my Olav. But what do you ladies or guys think i should where with my olav that looks hot? im only 5ft7 btw :s CHEERZ!
  2. well Im 17 and I also have a Damier messenger bag, the melville. I wear all kinds with it. i think Black goes well with it and brown but I really do think it looks hot with anything. What about skinny jeans and a nice tee ?.
  3. ALL your clothes ;)
  4. I agree almost anything...really most of the LV bags are good to go with anything.
  5. yep, wear it with anything and everything :yes: but try to avoid the head-to-toe brown looks though. i think Damier looks best with all black.
  6. cheerz ! yeah i do wear skinny jeans with it quite a few times and it looks quite good ! lol. thanks guys :p
  7. I find that burlap sacks on teenagers with LV's look waaay hot! :roflmfao:

    Seriously though, mate. Wear whatever you like with it. ;)
  8. yellow kinda goes with brown. just not green. the Olav PM has been on my wishlist for so long. i'm 15-year old boy too. :smile:
  9. I think LV pretty much goes with anything. I agree with deluxeduck though about the head-to-toe brown thing though.
  10. everything!
  11. brown/damier is a neutral so anything goes
  12. Orange goes good with it.
  13. i think plain white shirt and khaki pants so the olav stands out and helps make a statement
  14. ITA. As a guy I usually wear straight leg denim and a neutral cardigan with my bags.
  15. Everything will go with it!