Olaplex 6 vs. Miracle 10

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  1. Both of these are very good leave in conditioners. Has anyone tried the Olaplex 6 and, if so, what did you think? I use the 3 whenever I can remember and I feel it's a lifesaver. I use the Miracle 10 when needed but sometimes feel it makes my hair a tiny bit weighed down. Looking for opinions.

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    I just got it with the Sephora sale. I will not repurchase.
    I use 3 and the shampoo+ conditioner which I love.
  3. I loved the miracle 10, mostly because of the smell, but also love the revlon one (I take with coconut scent as I LOVE it).
    I think olaplex is best to do in salon and the ones for home not as good...
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  4. What is the revlon one?
  5. This one :smile: (however it costs 10-15€ in Europe)
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  6. Thanks. Will look for it!
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  7. No problem! They give me occasionally samples to try the different scents so maybe you can ask :smile:
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  8. Weirdly enough, it is not commercialized in the US. I will get it this summer when I am home for the summer. :smile:
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