okkkk so UPS lost my package.....

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  1. ugh.... so i ordered my purse and got shipping confirmation two weeks ago, my item should have been delivered a week ago. I tried to track the package down but they have no tracking info, so i call Gucci and they said they know the item was shipped but have no tracking information either... They began an investigation with UPS now i have to wait 7-10 days to even get a response!!:shocked::yucky:! so now i have to wait, maybe ill get my item, maybe i wont.... idk i never had this problem before, ugh... has anyone else had this happen 2 them, idk what to do?? I hope they find my package......
  2. How frustrating! I hope they find your package soon.
  3. I'm sorry to hear this. I really hope they find your package soon! Whenever I purchase expensive items, I usually use my AMEX because they cover me if something happens. Good luck!
  4. How awful!!!! I hope they find your Gucci soon and that there's no damage to it.
  5. I hope you find your packages really soon!!
  6. i hope so too!! thanks.... I'm just thinking what if they dont find the package, I wonder if I'll even get a refund? ..
  7. aww im so sorry to hear about your package! i hope they find it!
  8. I actually pouted for you when I read this post. I'd say there is no way you won't get a refund if they cannot find your package since they can at least know you never signed for it. But I am sure you just want your bag, so sending good thoughts your way. Keep us posted, please.
  9. ITA It must be soooo frustrating. My fingers are crossed for you X
  10. Same thing happened with my Gucci wallet ordered online from gucci.com. Shipped June 4.
    Tracking showed it shipped from Gucci but nothing else. UPS investigation showed I did not receive the package-Duh!
    Well almost one moth to the day I got a refund from Gucci. The wallet had sold out the day after I purchased it. So some UPS worker is running around with our Gucci's MV_envy!
    Maybe a matching set with your purse and my wallet. LOL!

    MV_envy Find out the name of the person doing the investigation @ Gucci and Keep in touch with her, it helps.
  11. thanks, Im keeping my fingers crossed too cuz i really want my bag and i know its sold out already... Hopefully i hear something soon...
  12. THanks BurberryGirl >>> I'm so sorry that happened to you, those UPS workers should be monitored more closely, now they have your wallet and my bag... grrrr how frustrating and they didn't pay for it or nothing..... Well i hope they find my bag, if not I will be very dissapointed because I really want my bag, so were you able to ever get your wallet someplace else?
  13. so sorry for this! hope you get you wallet soon
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    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
    No, I never found the wallet anywhere else, so I sent the matching hobo back. Gucci did try to find one for me.
    I saw one on eBay and wondered if it was mine. It was selling cheaper than what I paid for it on sale. I sent the seller a few questions asking if they had a receipt and where did they buy it? I did not receive a reply. Makes you wonder.:P

    I hope they find yours, let us know.
  15. ^^^ i still havent heard from Gucci or anyone yet, soooooooooo I'm crossing my fingers to have them find it, if not then i guess wasnt meant to be for me... (looking at it in a positive way), to bad you didnt find you wallet, since the one on ebay never responded they must of had a guilty concience.... :nogood: