Okay. Need opinions on the Ferragamo purse

  1. Now be kind. I've gone all the way down (or up?) the spectrum from the simple lines of the purse I linked below. I remembered always keying in on Ferragamo bags from across the store at Neiman Marcus. Have forgotten about them for awhile, but I checked tonight. I'm liking this purse, but am I getting a little wild as the night goes on? :smile: Be gentle...

    Salvatore Ferragamo -  Feira Hobo -  Neiman Marcus
  2. I think it's great that this bag manages to be unusual, colorful, and printed with animals without crossing the thin line into tacky territory. It's not my style, but if you love it, that's all that matters.
    My problem with the bag is mostly with the price. It seems a bit expensive for a bag mostly made of fabric. No?

    Off topic: This is a bit random, but are you a fan of William Faulkner? I wonder about this every time I see your username, so I thought I'd check. :smile:
  3. It is not a bag I would buy, but if you have a big collection and are looking to add a "fun" bag, this would certainly be one.
  4. i think it's cool! not my style though...
  5. I love Ferragamo handbags.

    I also love to have some handbags that are different!

    Go for it!
  6. Not a fan, sorry :push:
  7. Same! I like it on someone else, I couldn't pull that off.
  8. I think it is a nice bag to go with a simple plain T and a pair of jeans. That will set off the vibrancy and playfulness of this bag. I will add this to my bag collection if I already have a few classics.

  9. It's cute and whimsical, but I'd never pay a Ferragamo price for it, because personally I'd get tired of it quickly. For a "fun" bag, I'd go with something less expensive.
  10. I've been looking at this collection for quite awhile too. A season or so ago the leather part was tan. While I like looking at the bag I'm not sure if I'd actually wear it. That is what has been keeping me from buying one. I have also been looking at the wallets from this line. I think I'll probably get the wallet.
  11. I dont think I can pull that bag off. But my friend has it and when she uses it she has a really plain color clothes ...so that will work out.
    My suggestion is....I think this will be sold in the outlet store if you want to wait ...
  12. oooo:push: sorry! I would try to wait for outlet.
  13. I like the print but prefer it in the tote or shoulder bag[​IMG]
  14. not a fan
  15. I think this bag can be viewed in two completely different ways: One: collectible kitch, chic. Two: unbelievably tacky. Really depends on your take here. I say if you love it, go with your gut and get it..you certainly will not see everyone else walking around with it. There is always something to be said about being original!