okay, i'm sad now :(

  1. so my bf called louis to check the availability of our friend's bag, and he also inquired about mine, azur pochette, and unfortunately they don't have any in. Sooo..i guess I can't get the pochette while i'm on my trip.....

    BUUUTTT, i figured...maybe I'll get a cles, I just want a regular damier cles...would that be a good idea?! :shrugs: that way I still have half of the money left over to buy the pochette, and can just order it for myself as my xmas present....

    *SIGH* :sad:
  2. Weird. I just put it in my shopping bag.
  3. Okay. They are in stock. Type in "Azur" in the search box. The Pochette will be the first item. Hope that helps.
  4. i can't order elux cuz I'm in Canada! thanks though michelle!
  5. Sorry to hear that. If you really need the Cles than get it......otherwise wait till you come back and get the Azur Pochette you wanted.
  6. Do you have a friend in the US who you can send or PayPal the money to buy the pochette for you and then ship it to you? My buddy in Edmonton and I buy LV the other can't get in her own country and mail pieces back and forth all the time. :yes:
  7. Awwww, they'll have some in later on I'm sure but you need it now right?!