Okay I need help.

  1. So I am going home for the xmas holidays, and will finally have enough money for a new bag!!! This is going to be my first ever designer bag :yahoo:(I am a HUGE fan of them and study/drool over them all the time, however my family doesn't have a lot of money and it has taken me a long time to save up and i am a broke college kid, lol)
    Since it has taken me such a long time I would like to be able to carry it for a while as an everyday bag and be under $700. It would need to be able to carry a....

    -cell phone
    -bus pass
    -ideally a small paperback book
    -digital camera
    - and eyeliner, mascara and lipbalm.

    I was thinking the MA with the basket weave, but i am completely open to suggestions from you pros!!!

  2. Do you love/hate any brands in particular? You know, to make it a little easier to narrow down. And good for you for saving up! Im a broke college kid, too, lol!
  3. well i LOVE LV, balenciaga. im pretty much open to anything though. i have a really casual style (mostly a jeans girl) and prefer more of like an olsen of LL style if that narrows it down. lol
  4. How about a Botkier Sasha Duffle -- large or small?
  5. I have a Botkier trigger satchel in black and I carry almost all the things on your list, plus it has three different compartments for easy organization...but they dont make triggers anymore so a Botkier Sasha duffle?..i would go for a small based on your frame but Im 5'5'' and 110 pounds so the big one looks pretty BIG on me...I would also recommend Kooba or Gryson as well...let us know what you get!!
  6. If you go to swayandcake.com (they have a few selections of botkiers which are on sale for $556 at max, and if you e-mail erica and tell her that you're a pf member then she'll be able to give you 20% from the sale price).
  7. these are all such great suggestions! I have my work cut out for me trying ot decide!

    thanks yall sooo much!!!
  8. Maybe an LV Speedy? I can't remember the price off-hand, but I think it's close to your range It can hold a ton (esp. if you get the 35) and in virtually indestructible.