Okay, I do not mean to brag but....

  1. I stopped back into Coach to add/delete things from my PCE order (and to leave a CC as I forgot the other day).

    Anyway, I asked my SA about the ergo hobo and some of the items that people have been saying will not be allowed in PCE. She said that I was a "special" customer and that they are making an exception for me. Now, I never asked for an exception; I have just put down what I wanted and assumed that the could not honor the discount, they would let me know. She was even placing the order today just to make sure I would have it all in time to pick up on Day 1 of PCE. Again my SA reiterated that I could come back or even call any day that the PCE card was valid for and continue to purchase merchandise.

    So, if anyone wants something, let me know and I would be happy to get something you want. It would be 25% off before 8% NYS tax, plus to deliver it via priority mail/

    So PM me if there is something you want! I want to share the wealth with my PF buddies! :heart:
  2. You have a very nice SA!! I'd love to take you up on your offer but I have got to put myself on a ban! LOL! Although 25% off is mighty tempting! :graucho:
  3. wow.. that is indeed an honour to be "special customer". naa.. u r not bragging, lol.
  4. your not bragging,honey!

    your just sharing your joy!

    I too am getting special pce privileges from my local store. i just have to be on "sneek" about it because only a special handful know of this.
    gosh-i guess i spent to much money ,yikes!
  5. OMG how nice! Are the april items included in this? If so I am wanting the pear wallet and pea green skinny mini? I can get numbers for you
  6. Girl, brag away! It's always wonderful to be treated that way...enjoy!!!!
  7. aww such a nice offer!

    i might take you up on that, but are you limited in the amount of items you can purchase with the PCE?
  8. What is a PCE?
  9. you are in no way bragging and congrats on being a special customer! its an honor and we are just sharing in your joy!!!!!
  10. Congrats!!!! You are on the right website to share your news, brag away!!
  11. If you do a search on "PCE" you will find tons of threads that will answer this question.

  12. Cha Cha sounds more like herself today! Yeay for Cha Cha! :party:
  13. That's awesome

  14. awe ! your so sweet ! a cha cha hug & cha cha pinch to you! :love: