okay budgetnistas part deux...

  1. bradford satchel.jpg Bradford Satchel

    I think its a nice weekender bag.
  2. Its a great bag where did you find it?
  3. Lizclaiborne.com- I just bought a Liz Claiborne for $50 @ Foleys. I'll take pics soon.
  4. Good deal its nice.
  5. I forget how much this one costed but mine is a different bag. A "Lennox Shopper".
  6. lennox shopper.jpg Looks really supple and slouchy in person! This pic does NO justice to it whatsoever. I love it:love: !
  7. I like it too especially the color. Enjoy your bag!
  8. Thanx Seren- I had been eyeballing it and when it went on sale for $49.99 I just had to cop it!