Ok- who ate all the bbags on Bluefly?!? LOL~

  1. :graucho:

    Am I doing something wrong--- there is only one white bag on there right now...........

    now- who's responsible for this? :roflmfao:;)

    Or are they really alllll gone?
  2. I saw that too! Maybe they will have an explosion with tons for sale soon! Let's keep checking. Btw, the fishing game they have right now for the prize is so annoying!
  3. I agree - the fishing game is annoying but i must admit, i play in hopes that i'd win :blush:
  4. fishing game? I'm so lost with Bluefly..... hope they post some bags soon though!!
  5. Do they sometimes have moto bags on Bluefly?
  6. Very rarely ... and mostly GH ... and they are slippery little devils (i.e., hard to catch!). ;)