ok this is it, final poll on PCE purchase!!


final decision...........what should I get??

  1. carly med & wristlet in camel

  2. sig stripe set: tote, wristlet, zip around wallet

  3. forget pce this time and wait for the next!!

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  1. med leather carly in camel w/matching wristlet (to use as wallet)



    small sig stripe reversible tote w/matching zip around wallet and wristlet all in khaki/brown


    **ALSO, I bought a swing pack and mini skinny in khaki/mahogany as well......would that be too much brown??
  2. carly set...gotta love the leather, i think it's a better investment.
  3. i voted for the signature stuff (even though i do think you probably have too much brown going on) but i don't like the colour of the carly ya chose.
  4. Carly definitely - I preferred the black but the camel is good too and the Carly is so distinctive and lovely.
  5. i chose the sig stripe set mainly because i am not a huge fan of camel but i love the carly.
  6. I love the carly but not as much in that color.
  7. Sig Stripe!!!! I am not a fan of the Carly bags. I just don't care for all of the hardware on the handles of the bags.
  8. ok I give up..........I took back the carly bag and am waiting to receive my sig stuff I ordered on Sat. Will see if I like them or not.
  9. so glad you decided on the signature things
    they are really very pretty..........enjoy them