Ok, somebody help me!

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  1. I was at NM tonight just checking everything out, and drooling over some serious bags when I looked up and saw the most beautiful tote ever. It was sleek, and modern- the leather was so incredibly smooth, yet stiff, absolutely no grain at all. Their was a cc logo and only a few chain links which attached the bag to the straps. THIS BAG WAS GORGEOUS! And it came in a few other shapes/styles. Of course, right when I was about to ask to see it, my son threw a temper tantrum, and I had to run. :cursing: Now, it is all I can think about.

    Does anyone know what bag (I know it is a new style) this is?
  2. hmmm are you talking about the grand shopping tote?

    was it this one:


    source: resource thread from swanks post
  3. It was totally smooth? Couldn't be caviar then, maybe lamb. . . was it ubersoft?
  4. It was totally smooth. Definitely not caviar, or lambskin, and it had no stitching or quilting. I mean SMOOOTH leather- like no grain at all. Pure calf skin. I mean, this bag just blew me away- and it came in three colors - black, chocolate and a tobacco.

    I must go back and find a way to take pics- this style is so incredible-so sleek. My only concern would be that it will scratch easily.
  5. Was it square or triangular? I assume when you say chain links that attached the bag to the straps you are talking about the shoulder comfort pads at the very top of the straps?

    The bag that comes to mind is the Ultimate Soft Foldover in the smooth leather. I fell for it at NM in Boston last week. Perfectly smooth lambskin but it didn't have the shoulder comfort pads, only the woven chain/leather handles.
  6. The black one I saw was a long rectangular tote with 3 or 4 silver links that attached to the bag itself, and then the shoulder comfort pads/straps like you said Roey. They also had in more square tote, and a boxy style bag.
  7. It sounds like you need to leave son with DH, go back and buy the bag, and post pics for us!! :biggrin:
  8. LOL! Would love to Roey! I just might have to do it! Seriously, these bags were fricking INCREDIBLE!!!!!!
  9. Hey Jag! Thought I'd venture out of the H room for a bit and found your post... Did you check the NM website for this bag?

  10. ^No one has Chnel online, not even NM, we have more pics than even Chanel.com! :lol:

  11. Hey Girl!:heart: I only wish I could find this online. Seriously, the leather was as smooth as Chamonix or Box - but matte. And the size was perfect for a work bag!
  12. I know exactly which one you are talking about. It is from the Country Ride collection. The medium is $1995 and the Large is like $2150 or so...Hope this helps :smile:
  13. OMG! I love you ChanelS83!!! Do you have any idea if it will scratch like crazy or if it is durable? It is just so gorgeous!!!!

    Thank you so much ladies for all of your help tonight!!!!! WHOO HOOO!
  14. [​IMG]

    is this similar?
  15. Yes, that's it! That one in the pic is the small bowler...The leather is very durable, and the more you wear it, the better it gets :smile: