Ok,Santa's On His Way...................BUT!!

  1. If you could have any bag,any brand,any price, and totally free from any 'IT' bag labelling,and fakers and counterfeits were'nt out there in their hordes to spoil the image and exclusivity.
    What would you like Santa to leave under your tree?
    Which bag would really rock your World on Christmas morning!!!????
  2. Okay, I've been stalking the H forum too much because much to my horror I say that I would want a Hermès Birkin in matte brown crocodile with palladium hw. This was the shallow answer. The serious answer is that I would like to find a magic bag that, once opened, would spread world peace, wellbeing and happiness to all:angel:. The fairydust spread by this bag would also make women not want any more handbags, i.e. bring ultimate inner peace.:lol:
  3. Chaz - I bought it yesterday. I went out with my eldest daughter to Wimbledon to buy a pair of red shoes in L K Bennett - managed to find some that l really liked so we took a stroll down the High Street to Matches. I didn't go with any intention to buy a bag but came out with a Zagliani Puffball bag in python. Needless to say, l havent brought it into the house as l have a new bag being delivered tomorrow from DH and l think he might get a little upset as l don't want to rain on his parade as it were (he has such a job buying for me and was thrilled to pieces that he had found something l liked).

    The Zagliani is now at my daughters house ready to bring out at a later date.
  4. I bought my dream bag yesterday a chloe heloise
    If I was to get a mulberry from santa I think it would be a mabel in chocolate
  5. I'd like a large midnight Mabel please, Santa.

  6. Hi Polaremil - Great answer and ITA but somehow l don't think that will happen in my lifetime - too many nasty people out there!!!!
  7. ooh- need time to think about that one!
  8. I admit that I am a simple girl, so an Oak Bayswater with the cat keyring!! Oh and a wallet to match and that Mulberry lambswool blanket!!! Sorry, that was more than 1!!!

    Love the Birkin idea, but I am nowhere chic enough for that one!!!! hahahahahaha

  9. Jackie,so pleased you got the Chloe Heloise,you have been thinking of it for a while now. I have one in black and love it...special use only:tup:
  10. ooh mulberry wise it would be the black mabel. I have to confess though the LV black epi line has really been getting to me. I have purchased a black epi speedy which I love as it literally an any weather bag!! I am also loving the black epi alma as well!
  11. It would be a bag that I could design myself and have handmade by the artisans at Hermes. It wouldn't be Hermes style (I just want their craftsmanship).
    It would be red, slouchy, big, one strap, lined in seude and it would be made of the most fabulous leather ever.
    I am still searching for my perfect bag and I'm not sure it's even out there, so this way I could create a unique piece.
  12. thanks aine1313 I got the tan with the zip top and I love it
    I looked at it so many times when I went to get it yesterday the SA said someone was going to buy it yesterday and she kept thinking whilst she would be pleased for the sale she really wanted me to have it as the girls in the shop thought of it as my bag lol
    which style have you got?
  13. I have to say I'm going the Hermes Birkin way too! But I think getting Hermes to design your ultimate bag as a one off is very,very appealing!! A little while ago I saw a bag on another forum,can't remember who by,I think it was Chanel but it had a diamond clasp,was the softest baby pink leather and cost a cool £25.0000!!!! (I would also want the lifestyle to go with it giftwrapped inside it as well!!)
  14. oh, what FUN!
    I'll need to really thing about it....my DREAM bag.......hmmmmm????
  15. Jackie Mine is black ,large but not the extra large version and has a zip on top.It has a lovely grey line down the middle.I bought it on net-a-porter.I'm Irish so not as lucky as you to be able to see it in a shop before purchase.