Ok please help cos i'm VERY confused!

  1. I've just found out that a relative from California will be visiting me in Australia in 2 days.
    I want to purchase a black caviar jumbo with the bijoux chain and a white modern chain flap bag from NM or Saks etc. Now here come the questions!! :p

    1) I only have a Visa credit card...do any of these stores accept this and can I pay via phone?

    2) I'm totally confused about your sales tax system! The price is $2250 for a caviar jumbo...how much more sales tax do i have to pay? And do the sales tax apply only to deliveries or do they apply to in-store purchases as well?

    3) NM site quotes $41 USD for overnight deliveries...is that from ANY NM store?

    4) If my relatives are taking it to Australia, is there a way of getting it duty-free or reclaiming the tax?

    5) Can anyone please give me details of helpful SAs who will be able to assist me?

    6) Ok...slightly off-topic but....how do i pm on this forum? i cant seem to find the button!

    PLEASE help because I only have 2 days to pull this off - i am DESPERATE!!!
  2. Hope this helps and I hope you're able to get your bag. I SO know the feeling of being pressed for time but that makes finding and receiving your bag even more exciting!:jammin:Good luck!
  3. Hi, I think you can't PM now as you only have 3 posts, you need to reach a certain number of posts before you can use the PM function.

  4. Thanks Icearl! Learned something new today...didnt know that.:shame:
  5. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH GUYZ! Now i gotta wake up early and call Saks... too bad the time difference is so great~
  6. Hey no problems ladies... we are all learning here :smile:

    Let us know how it goes, and hope to see modelling pics soon, good luck!