ok, plan has changed....


what should I pick?

  1. BH

  2. Popincourt haut

  3. Damier Speedy 25

  4. use the Coach one you have, then use the money to get a new LV

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  1. ok guys, I need your suggestions. Some of you may remember that I mentioned I need a clutch to go with my outfit for my best friend's wedding. After I saw the inputs, I already make up my mind that I am going to get sunset blvd in amarant. Today, one of my friend showed me hers, and I touched it and feel it might be to narrow to fit my camera in. Also, I realize that I may need a small-medium size bag for the wedding because this wedding is going to be a whole day event, so I need my make up bag and sunglasses...:supacool:

    so far, I have those in mind, but any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!:heart::heart:
  2. The Coach you have (which I wanted for the longest time!!) is probably too small to fit what you really need - I'd go for the speedy or the popincourt haut, they're both great bags ! I've got the BH and I've honestly never really fallen in love with it.. so weird shaped !
  3. If you like the Amarante color ... how about the Roxbury Dr. or Rosewood ... both still look classy for a wedding and can fit a few necessary cosmetics and your camera.
  4. I think this is the only Coach left in my closet, I really like it :smile:. PH and Damier speedy both look nice, I can't decided.... :shame: I love BH even though I had a hard time to decide whether I should get BH or BV; but I am a little concerned because it's open top. Thanks for your advice!

  5. I love Rosewood in pomm, so yummy~~~ :tup:

  6. what's the dress code for wedding, also what outfit do you plan to wear? If you will be in pants, Damier 25 will be perfect, but not so great w/full length skirt...

    What about Epi Montaigne? It offers more room than Sunset and the straps are also detachable :flowers:
  7. Damier 25.
  8. I went with the BH... however, it isn't very "wedding like"?
  9. Use the Coach bag you have. It's cute, unique and doesn't scream Coach.
  10. I agree with the question above - what are you going to wear to the wedding?
    A roxbury or rosewood in vernis may be just the ticket as they are slightly larger bags, but more "formal" in shape.
  11. I plan on my outfit either silk-like black pants with a colorful top or a one-color dress. No formal gown....
    I thought about Epi Montaigne, but not sure that I can carry it well (Epi usually is very nice and mature look). :tender:

  12. I know, but if I get a BH, then probably I will just take Coach for the wedding.:sweatdrop:

  13. I like rosewood :tup:

  14. My vote is for the Damier Speedy but that's because I want one for myself too...hee! hee!;)
  15. I would get the Damier Speedy. It doesn't scream LV or anything.