Ok, one more bag ... help

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  1. Ok. for real. One more bag for this year. lol. I was thinking of the grey patent maxi, or the patent petal tote. which one. I am loving both and can only get one. I want like 5 bags right now. :sad: But can only choose one.
  2. Since I am a flap girl, naturally I will choose the maxi patent flap, LOL. But more importantly, which makes your heart sing?
  3. I personally love the petals flap! Its very unique and I love how there is tweed underneath the leather petals (not sure if its the same on the patent version).
  4. They all make my heart sing. :sad: any sugar daddies on here??? :kiss:
  5. ^ Find me one too D! J/K! :P

    In the Tweed Petals line, I like the styles in this order (descending): large lambskin flap, small lambskin flap, patent flap, patent tote.

    I would choose the grey patent flap over the Tweed Petals tote. But it is a tie for me between the grey patent flap and the patent petals flap. I like the longer chain and the grey color of the former, but the unique detailing of the tweed petals is so special on the latter.

    I probably confused you more than I helped you! :nuts:
  6. camellia tweed petal flap is my fave too, the jumbo size, but youre looking at the tote right?
  7. I don't like the petals tote at all! It looks weird to me. I would get the patent maxi!!! It sucks to be limited!
  8. D- I don't think this will be your last bag for the year:P
    But.... I vote for the patent maxi! Good luck with your decision, or hopefully a sugar daddy will buy all 5:lol:
  9. Grey patent maxi.
  10. u have enough flaps and maxis....u even have some maxis u have NEVER worn...!!!LOL!
    I would buy the funkier one
  11. I would go for the grey patent maxi. I find the more funkier ones go out of style much faster even if its a flap. I love to look at them but not practical.
    I love the grey patent maxi :love:
  12. haha yes I need someone to buy me all 5. I now am looking at the lamskin petal flap. I am leaning strong on the grey patent maxi.
  13. Grey patent maxi! tdf
  14. i would have said petal flap but your looking at the tote instead.
    My pick is the grey patent flap if you don't want the petals flap.
  15. I took out all my flaps and I have so many I dont use. this is confusing. I think I really would use the grey patent. I also think I need more casual totes. Now I am thinking of an indestructable tote. Any suggestions? NM is having double points this week.