Ok ladies, how do you get your husband/partner/boyfriend...


Aug 31, 2011
To buy you one of your wish list purses for a special occasion?

I've noticed a trend while watching endless YouTube videos on purse reviews or what's in my bag plus blogs and also on this forum...and that is husbands or significant others gifting lovely purses to their loved ones.

I'll be honest, I'm totally envious because I wish my husband would buy me one of the purses on my wish list. He knows all about my slight obsession (I like to call it a collection) and fully supports it. I always buy my own bags, which is fine but I would love it if he would just buy me one bag (doesn't even matter the price). But he likes to surprise me for gifts and so he thinks getting a purse would not be a surprise (because of my ongoing collecting).

This is an entirely subjective question and will be based on situation/relationship. But I'm curious on if any of you have techniques that influence those around you to buy you your wish list purses (non-manipulative! lol)
May 11, 2008
Why not just talk to him directly about it? Say that it would mean a lot to you if he bought you a bag, and then maybe give him your wishlist and he can make the choice about which one to buy, which means he still gets to surprise you a bit. If it's something that you really want and would be really meaningful to you, then he should be happy to compromise a little bit and not make it a total surprise. "Techniques" for "influencing" people into giving you what you want frankly sounds kind of awful.


Nov 2, 2008
I tell my DBF what I'm wanting (he knows my wish list) and what I'm currently trying to obtain.
I've also told him I'd like him to not get me small gifts anymore (because they add up to more than my wish list items) and to instead help fund my collection. Which he's done for the past year. He's just given me money towards my bags, or paid for an SLG.

In return I get him whatever suit/coat he wants. His thing is suits. Lol.

This way we cut back on items we just "kinda" want and focus on what we really want and we are much happier this way. Though it can be kinda hard because I'm supposed to "pick one" he will give funds to, but sometimes I can't figure out what I want.

For friends, they too know my collections. So they'll give me gift cards to my favorite shops. My friends usually ask what I want or what store I like. I do the same for them as well.


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Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
You have kind if answered your own question - he thinks buying you a bag is not special because you will just buy whatever you want anyway. He wants his gifts to be special. That is super sweet! You need to work this angle ;) the question is how?

Start hinting at a bag that you would never buy yourself. Maybe you see a celebrity with a bag (I use the mindy project since mindy k has such a great chanel collection). "I like her dress - that would nice on vacation. What do you think?" Inevitably he will say you will look beautiful. And then subtly throw in that the bag really adds but you could never imagine getting it - it's hard to find, it's just too much for a bag that wouldn't be used that often (give him a challenge).


Jun 26, 2011
Castle in the Sky
DBF doesn't usually surprise me with purses. If he wants to buy it, he'll make sure I'm there to pick it out because he knows I'm really picky, and he doesn't want to buy an expensive item only to have bought the wrong thing.

But I find what works for me is, if I keep talking about it. When I want a purse, I make sure DBF knows the price, the color, the leather, brand, etc. And finally if I don't end up buying it myself, he usually will so I'll stop talking about it. I think communication is important. :smile: GL!


Jan 19, 2014
It's tough to buy for others... and it's tough to buy for me! I don't think there is any way I can subtly ask my husband to buy me clothes, jewelry, accessories, anything. It's easier to just go to the store with him and have me pick something out. It was the same way ring shopping, I don't like surprises especially with expensive purchases like that!


Sep 15, 2013
My Dh is uncomfortable buying me clothes or bags because he's not the most fashionable person (he admits this) and doesn't think he'd make the right choice. He didn't even pick out my engagement ring! He basically proposed with a fake ring and then we went to the jewelers and he had me pick out the diamond, the design and everything else. He figures that if he is going to spend a significant amount of money, he wants to make sure I love what he gets.
So, when I want something specific, I just tell him what it is or send him an email (but I've also known him for a long time).

The one time, he "bought" me one was on our 10 year anniversary. We were in Paris and I was admiring a bag in the LV store. He gave his credit card to the salesperson and it was my 10 year anniversary present!