OK, ladies!!! Here are the pics I promised you!!

  1. Sorry it took so long:smile: :lol:

    Pics of:

    new Damier Speedy 30

    Mono Speedy 35

    my other birthday present--a new engagement ring setting:yahoo: LOL sorry ...couldn't help it!!:wlae:

    and my two chihuahuas/babies, Carmen (white/blonde) and Bentley (black/tan)!!:heart:
    bentley 2.jpg dogs 1.jpg ring 1.jpg purse 3.jpg purse 1.jpg purse 2.jpg purse 5.jpg purse6.jpg purse7.jpg
  2. Awww... brother and sister puppies and bags... ha ha ha.

    That ring is pretty!!! :biggrin:
  3. Thanks!! LOL did u change your user name or I am going crazy?!?!
  4. ^^^^ I did. Thanks to Vlad. ;)
  5. LOL OK I though I was going senile at 22!!!
  6. Lovely pics, gorgeous bags:drool: But the engament ring:love: :love: :drool: Cute dogs:love:
  7. :nuts: Love the Speedies , love the dogs and love the ring:love: Thanks for sharing:flowers:
  8. love both of your bags (and the ring!)

    I would keep an eye on that gold-colored Chihuahua, though, I don't like the way his eyes are gleaming when looking at your Damier.:sneaky:
  9. LOL I am wetting my pants right now, Snorks!!!

    That is what my fiancee said--"Carmen looks like she is posessed by the devil!!" LOL
  10. wow!:yahoo: your ring is tdf!:nuts: i'm so envious right now.. nice bags:love: loves it.
  11. I LURRRVEE your ring!!! your fiancee is so nice.. love the bag too.. i love damier... :yahoo:
  12. Thanks, guys!!!! You are all so sweet!! :smile:
  13. aww your puppies are adorable!!
    the ring is stunning...
    and of course... love the speedies :yahoo:
  14. :wtf: the ring:wtf: :drool: does your fiance have a brother???? goood lord woman. :love: carmen and bentley are adorable and the bags are fabulous also
  15. Nice loot ;)