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OK, I said no more eBay, but...

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B. Jara

Oct 30, 2005
judy1234 said:
I've been looking at Mulberry bags recently and came across this by accident on eBay:


I actually like it better than anything they have currently. Does anyone know how to tell if it's a fake? :huh:
I have never seen this style, but the craftmanship looks familiar to my bags.

With one day to go, I think the price is high already for a bag that is two years old. JMO.


Feb 4, 2006
fayden said:
looks legit, but kind of costly to me.
I know, I thought that too. But I just really like it. I really am not a fan of the huge-bag trend, and though I love the Mulberry leather and have considered several of their bags, any of them will cost me 30-40% more than this and their size is a turnoff to me.

PLUS -- and now the truth comes out -- if I get this bag for somewhere in the neighborhood of $500, I might be able to also swing one of the smaller MJ's or IF's for summer. :idea:
Jan 10, 2006
judy1234 said:
Have you been talking to my SO? :lol:
lol, nope. I started a thread called "No more bags!" I think it's on page two or three at this point. You'll see what I had to say. Might be worth a few giggles too. :biggrin:
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