OK, I officially think I have a problem!! Do you?

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  1. Its almost the end of Feb and I've already acquired the following:

    1. '10 Outremer GSH PT (still debating with style)
    2. '09 Galet RH City (going to a new home)
    3. '09 Praline RH Day
    4. '07 Vert D'Eau GGH City
    5. '04 Pistachio Flat Clutch
    6. '10C Red Chanel Flap

    AND I STILL WANT MORE!!! :P I think I have a problem and may need to slow down a bit. Anyone else on a spending spree? Someone talk me down!
  2. Uhoh - you've got it bad. :roflmfao:

    Girl, we have all been there! Looking at your list, I see you were the one who bought that beautiful -7 Vert D'Eau GGH city. Congrats on that one! And the 04 pistachio flat clutch.

    I can't offer you any reassuring words of advice - my collection keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

    I must say, I love the bags you have chosen thus far!
  3. WOW!! :sweatdrop:If I spent that much in just 2 mths, my head would be on the chopping board.:lol:
  4. Thank you lovelygarments!! That is truly a compliment, especially coming from you! Your collection is AMAZING!:nuts:
  5. Awww...don't make me feel worse. ;)
  6. I feel the need for more Bals everyday! It is very addicting. Since the beginning of December I have acquired 3 Bal bags, a wallet and 3 coin purses!
  7. Yes, I am very close to being banned unless a HG comes up. Lotsa trouble this season because I love so many of the colors!
  8. There is power in numbers, ladies!:P
  9. saira...........you're on a roll!
  10. Raising my hand! I bought a PT, an Envelope and a Besace...while waiting for my 2nd moto jacket to arrive.

    I really want something Papeete - preferably a Velo but might settle for another style, and then I have to be done until summer!!! Lucky for me, I'm not excited about any of the upcoming colors. Whew!!
  11. I know how addictive it is. I am thinking of the bags every day. I have to keep telling myself that they are just bags! And of course, you have to block yourself away from PF!

    Anyway, many of us have this kind of problem too. So don't worry and enjoy your next purchase! :woohoo:
  12. I can help your pain by stating I got 47 in 7 months when I started out with Bals, which is more than 1 bag a week. it was insane.
    Now I have not bought any for 2 months, but any day I could buy your vert d´eau ggh city, lol, to ease your problem.
  13. You are not alone! In 2010 I have bought 6 bbags and a moto jacket. And I still have something coming my way...it's insane! Bal is so addictive, every day I see something new I want! I will probably get a Moutarde and Light Olive City and after that I will not buy anything for a long time.

    Don't think this helped you much but I can be a little comforting hearing that others are on a roll too;)

    BTW, please post pics of you Vert d'eau GGH City, I've never seen this color with GGH!
  14. You're not alone... I just started 2.5 weeks ago. I already bought a Galet GSH City and a 03 Blue Jean City. I thought it would have been ok . But, no, absolutely not !!
    I just discovered the wonderful 03 red (hard to find though), I also love 10 Castagna, 05 rouge theater or 08 ruby... I also would like to but a Work and a Day in tempête.. I feel like i'll never stop !! lol
  15. I'm probably no help either. So far I have a count of 17 and started in June? My pictures don't help either :P

    I was totally eyeing the vert d'eau ggh city and was bidding for a bit. But held back since I have a day and need to control this craziness and figured it'll go to a happy home and not to my hoard of bags. O_____O I'm so glad it was you who's the new happy owner. Congrats!!!! You must put up pictures/modeling pictures. I'm excited to see :biggrin: