OK I Need to decide

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  1. DO I go to the Coach store today and get the Punch wristlet (Which I do love) OR di I wait until Monday and go to the outlet and hope they have the Crimson (I Love also) get it for less $$$ and then get a more expensive purse??
  2. Try the outlet first - you know that you can go back and get the punch if the outlet doesn't have what you want and if you do find the Crimson you can get the pricier bag! My kind of thinking!
  3. BOTH! Ok, if that's not an option, I'd go to the outlet first. You know that you can come home Monday night and order it if the outlet doesn't have anything you want.
  4. Yea thats what I've been thinking I have the Coach "Bug" today I just need to stay away from the mall
  5. LOL I get that bug way too often. I know what it's like.
  6. outlet first. deals are hard to come by with the items you lvoe. teh punch won't sell out if you decide to get ti!
  7. Outlets!!!

    I haven't gotten anything yet for full price. The only thing I did, I ended up returning it. I love the outlets!