Ok, I need recommendations on LV wallets

  1. My Bosca is FINALLY showing a tiny sign of wear on one corner (I thought it never would). Yay, that means shopping for a new wallet :smile: Now I want something more fun than black leather and was looking at LV wallets. There are so many, I am confused. I will go look at them in person, but need recs.

    I need the wallet to hold the following:

    drivers licence and about 5 cards (credit and insurance)
    plus like various coupons I hoard sometimes.

    What would everyone suggest?
  2. I like the French purse and the Pochette Wallet (AKA monogram wallet with zip pocket i think).
  3. I like the Zippy best of all the wallets ;)
  4. Also, forgot to ask, how do these wallets wear? Saw some horror stories of print coming off on mono pieces? Anyone has their wallet for a long time like around 10 years? Want to hear from you :smile:
  5. Why is it normal? What about regular monogram? I guess, I will stick with that, I don't want to ruin my bags or clothing. I am a little shocked, wouddn't expect color transfer for the price.
  6. The characters/graphics are silk screened onto the canvas.
  7. I am leaning towards Pochette wallet, it's cute and functional.

  8. I have a mono Porte Tresor, and it is absolutely the best one! lol! I love it, but it is very big,. I also have a damier ludlow, and it's small but it does hold quite a few things.
  9. um, ok. still, with today's technology, colors shoudln't transfer. I guess, my point, I don't care how it's done, I want it to last.
  10. Well an item will last longer... one has to be careful where they place their wallet, or what they place their wallet against. LV can't be perfect. :shame:
  11. Ok, so what are the things that can't be placed next to an LV wallet? :confused1: I don't want to be unpleasantly surprised. I had no idea that items that cost so much can be so sensitive. I don't expect perfection but I am sorry, I don't expect color transfer from a $100 piece, never mind one that costs 6 times that.
  12. You wouldn't have any color transfer from Mono or Damier prints. John was referring to the other prints (Multicolor, Groom, etc. that are silk screened).

    Koala would be a nice choice - it has 9 cc slots but is small. I have Damier Koala.
  13. oh, ok, phew:sweatdrop: I would have to stick to Mono, because Damier is very ugggly. Triple g there, I must really hate it :graucho: I like Vernis, but low quality obviously, I really like MC but same problem. sheesh. I guess, it's pochette wallet in mono, that was easy.

    Thanks everyone.
  14. A Zippy would work great!