Ok, I need a wallet!!!

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  1. To match the new red hobo!!! I think I've exausted my Coach options!! I just don't know!! I'm sick of my Khaki/Gold checkbook wallet, my Blue ergo wristlet won't match!!

  2. ^^ Totally agee
  3. either will work especially the red patent coin, but I would suggest waiting. Coach could not have made these stellar patent bags without planning accessories for them. Maybe some SA's know.

    I've seen other patent Mini skinnies on Ebay, white, light blue and (mahogany which would not work).
  4. I love black accessories with red! :wlae:
  5. get the patent coin purse in red if you don't already have it ! it is soooo cute!
  6. Signature Stripe wallet (zip around) in black/white. It's trimmed in the black patent (that's what I am using in my black Ergo)
  7. ^^ooooo...good call krispin! Love red and black!