OK...I just had an epiphany!

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  1. I was just looking at pics of LV's online.....of course.....What better way to spend my evening!

    I saw some that I had contemplated getting over the years but didn't and I saw the ones I already have and realized why I can't sell the some of the ones I already have to fund the ones I still want! I really love the ones I have! Still!

    I know it sounds ridiculous but that makes me feel like I was at least careful to only buy what I would love and not regret it later. I had seen some of you say that you were thoughtful when you purchased for these same reasons and I wondered how I can have so many and still want so many more if I really am happy with what I have. That was a mouthful!

    But I really am happy with what I have. I just still want more. I guess one thing has nothing to do with the other. Oh well.....

    Now the other designers in my closet......that'll be in the next chapter. Stay tuned!
  2. Sorry .... I don't get it
    What's going on?
  3. Are you saying that even though we say we're happy with our collection, we still manage to want more?
  4. Its human nature to always want more...bigger..better
    right? :smile:
  5. You have obviously made wise choices with your collection so far ... there is no need to sell your bags if you are happy with them, just enjoy watching your collection grow!
  6. and you can always aspire for more :smile:
  7. Sorry I didn't realize it sounded cryptic but I guess I did leave out the first two hours of this movie so to speak....... I had started a thread a while back about never being satisfied and I see where it must be in the water because I'm not the only one talking about how hard it is to be content. Blah, blah...

    Anyway there are some LV's that I would like but I've been organizing my closet and I have SO many handbags, not just LV's, that I just can't justify buying more when there are a million in my closet that I could sell and fund some new ones and make room...... There are even LV's that I don't use as often but when I pull them out I still love them. But the fact that I'm always wanting more was making me think that I must not have made thoughtful purchases the first time but now I know I did! I'd hate to think I spent I spent all that money on a whim.

    So fast forward.....I was just cruising the net and looking at pics last night and was happy with myself because when I look at various pre-loved sites the ones I tend to like the looks of are the ones I already have and there are only a few that I still want.

    So, that settles it. None of the LV's are getting sold, just some of the others! Hope that makes more sense!
  8. so ur selling some of the other designer bags except for the LV? i would sell any bag that i fell out of love with and dont use no longer to fund my future purchases
  9. So it's still cryptic?

    I am in love with my LV's. I was sharing my enthusiasm that after all these years I still love the ones I originally purchased.
  10. I need to remember this! I love my collection and I really don't need anything else! I'm trying to enjoy what I have, for the moment. (Unless some of my highly coveted clés pop up on the preloved market. :graucho:)
  11. Yay! you get it! I thought is no one actually reading my post? Is it really that confusing?

    It was just refreshing to know that the ones I liked from the get go are still the ones I want now. Kind of like when you get married.....you're still the one!
  12. You're not cryptic to me! I know exactly what you're saying. :hugs:

    I also LVoe every single LV that I have in my vault (closet) Hehe, but when I surf the Net be it new or pre-loved I STILL find things that I like and would like to own.

    There's not 1 thing that I've grown tired of or would even consider selling. I also have tried to be very careful prior to purchase. I even like to "sleep" on it to make sure.

    You are not alone. :ghi5:
  13. Maybe that's why I've remained happily married for 28 years :cutesy:
  14. Awww....where were you earlier? I was starting to get a complex! :smile: It was just so funny when I was looking because I would look at a page of 40 and my eyes still go directly to the ones I already have. True love......

    That's too funny. We're going on 27 years! No wonder you get my jibberish!

    I can't get my smiley faces to work.
  15. Awhhh that's okay (I know you're smiling!). Big congrats on your 27 years. There's lots of ups and downs with marriage, but in the end I still have my LV & my friends on tPF… :graucho: