OK I am really scared....

  1. I just got this email and now I am scared.....

    Dear Members of the Brown Community,

    There have been reports in the local media that the FBI has received
    threats against colleges in the Worcester and Providence area. FBI
    and Providence Police investigators handling this matter have advised
    us that they believe this threat is not credible. A person who was
    being interviewed by them in connection with a matter unrelated to
    colleges or universities made claims that the investigators have found
    to be unsubstantiated and untrue. Our Department of Public Safety
    does not believe that we are facing any danger, but of course, in
    light of the tragedy of last week, will continue to be on a heightened
    sense of alert and will continue to collaborate closely with
    Providence Police.

    Walter Hunter
    Vice President of Administration
  2. Do you have kids in these schools? I mean, it probably isn't a true threat, but I guess better safe than sorry?
  3. I go to school here!
  4. I hope everything is alright! :smile:
  5. I'm sure it's a false alarm, or someone playing pranks. People who really want to do these things don't go around announcing it.

    Still, be aware of your surroundings and what's going on around you.
  6. My school had one of those last week. It was just a hoax of some idiot trying to promote his website.
    Just stay safe and keep your eyes open for anything that seems suspicious, you'll be ok!
  7. Hopefully it is nothing, and I'm sure it is nothing...try to be safe, and like Charles said, stay aware of your surroundings! *hugs*
  8. In response to Virginia Tech, the president of my alma mater (I went to Salve Regina University) released these safety tips. I changed some of the wording but hopefully some of these will apply to you:

    The Salve Regina University emergency response team will be meeting this week to review new information and lessons learned from the tragedy in Virginia. In the meantime, I ask that all members of the University community follow standard safety measures such as:
    • Carry your ID with you at all times.
    • Know the location of emergency blue lights and telephones.
    • Do not leave doors propped open.
    • Be aware of what is happening around you. Report any suspicious behavior or if you hear anyone speaking of abnormal and violent behavior please contact Safety.
    • Recognize that broadcast email is currently the first source of communication to the campus community.
  9. Sounds like some nutter making phony threats. I know it sounds scary in light of what has happened recently, but the police are aware of it, so it's probably not worth panicking over.
  10. This is going off topic, but it's just a thought, related to safety on campus...

    I've always thought it was a bad and dangerous idea to walk to and from class wearing headphones. People constantly walk by me at night wearing ipod buds and they do not pay a bit of attention to those around them.

    yeah, off topic, hah

  11. I get what you're saying. Walking to class with your cell clamped to your ear or furiously texting on your Sidekick isn't a good idea, either.
  12. caitlin and neeya, i am guilty of doing both. i wont be doing that tomorrow though, ill be more aware of my surroundings, finals gets kids really stressed and its that time of year again when it kind of falls a part a bit.
  13. It's sad, but I know when situations like VT happen there are often twisted individuals that think calling and making threats will cancel school and such.

    I remember after Columbine, there were many phony calls to high schools regarding bomb threats and such. The high school I attended had someone do this as well. Nothing happened as it was just someone looking to stir up trouble.

    Regardless, always be safe no matter what you do. There are always threats to our security. You just have to try and be street smart.
  14. I have a couple close friends at Brown...I'm sure it's nothing though. Be careful, but try not to worry!
  15. Eek, I'm sure authorities are taking more precautions than necesary, just to be sure. I don' think it's anything severe.

    Hope you are alright, stay safe.