Ok going to Lv on Friday need some advice

  1. Right I'm planning on HOPEFULLY (:sweatdrop: ) Getting a Mini Hl and a inclusion ring(Berry) But i was wondering How much you can acctaully fit in a mini hl as i havent seen one other then them on the internet yet.
    Pictures would be helpful too
    And if you can fit much in does anyone have any other suggestions for a nice small evening bag ?
    Thank you in advance:love: :flowers:
  2. I heard the Mini HL will be discontinued soon? So might be an idea to get one if you can. The white MC looks soo good. I really love the Aumoniere for an evening bag, second choice probably would be the Miroir Pochette.
  3. bvbirdygirl has some really good pics.........you can fit ALOT in there!! she can even fit a mini evian water bottle in there!
  4. The mini hl is cute, but not really my thing. I would suggest the monogram pochette, pochette florentine and pochette twin, all very classy and beautiful.
  5. Ooh thanks for the advice :greengrin: I will Look at all of them on friday!
  6. i vote the pouchette florentine as well
    its on my list :biggrin: !