OK, for your Friday afternoon (evening) treats:

  1. I was so sad to leave NYC yesterday morning, but at least I knew I had these treats coming my way. They were actually delivered while I was in Denver, waiting for my plane to take me home to Los Angeles...anyway, a little striptease for these 2 lovely items:
    olive birkin 001.jpg olive birkin 002.jpg olive birkin 003.jpg olive birkin 004.jpg olive birkin 005.jpg

  3. woohoo, i love Ny shopping trips
  4. :woohoo:

    I'm ready

  5. Okay, I'm going to whine here because I decided NOT to go sit in line and wait to get an iPhone, but now it looks like I'm going to sit and wait anyway! At least it will be for something pretty - hurry hurry hurry!!! Please!!!
  6. As I am F5'ing I looked at pic # 4 and zoomed in, it appears to be in a large deep box, similar to the boxes that they put kellys and birkins in.

    I am eager so come back and give us more pics
  7. OK, fair enough...another pic
    olive birkin 006.jpg
  8. Fleur, you are on the right path...
    olive birkin 007.jpg
  9. Yea - I love a twilly!!!
  10. More! More! I'm hyperventilating here!!
  11. Handy, a twilly and a...
    olive birkin 009.jpg
  12. Show us the baby!
  13. NICE!!!! :graucho:
  14. is that a deep green or black?
    Was this at the madison store?
    Give us the specs on the bag.
  15. Wow...olive!!!