Ok..figured out the color of "Argent" now it's Paddy vs. Tracy!

  1. I figured out what the metallic silvery pink color I have been looking for is....It is called Argent and it is TDF!!! Now, I just can't decide to get the Paddy or the Tracy?? They are both so pretty and versatile :confused1:. The Tracy I saw is the bowler...does it go easily over the shoulder?? I just can't decide though. I did decide to kick the roche paddy hobo to the curb though...I am just not feelin' it :sad: They have both bags at NM in Palo Alto and also at NM online...opinions would be great, you guys are such a big help! :smile:
  2. I love the med. paddy satchel. Its all about the hardware... and I love the lock!
  3. I second the vote for the Paddy! I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Paddingtons!
  4. I can't bear to buy a non-LV bag! Designing Style said it well. Although I like a lot of the different LV styles, my favorite lines are the Epi, Vernis and Suhali. Epi is by far my favorite because it is such beautiful, strong, long-lasting, durable, sexy leather and it is more understated than the monogram bags (not that I don't like those too!). I couldn't count how many compliments I've gotten over the years on my black LV Epi St Jacques. My next purchase will probably be an Epi. Although I love other brands such as Chanel, Fendi, Ferragamo, Dior,thanks
  5. thank you ,i think you are good friend
  6. Paddy defo
  7. Paddy for sure. =)
  8. I saw that Tracy you are talking about. I think you'd get more mileage with the Paddy. Go with the Paddy!
  9. Paddy, thugh the tracy is definitely growing on me...
  10. Go with the paddy.
  11. I don't have either, but have seen both and much prefer the paddy between them.
  12. definitely paddy

  13. I was just there yesterday and saw those bags! I personally love the Tracy in the Argent color. It would be great for spring.

    The color is so pretty! :love: Silvery pink, just like you described.