OK Curiosity is killing me. Who actually has the Blue Mahala and what do you think?

  1. Okay - so a lot of discussion over the electric blue. But I am curious to know how many of us actually have one and what they think about it in real life. We all know how great it looks in a police mug shot :p... but what about us real women with real lives and no great parties to go to! Can anyone with a blue mahala advise? I guess I have gotten caught up in the hype and am seriously thinking about getting one, but until now have NEVER had a bag that wasn't a dark or neutral earth tone. This would be huge for me to get something with this much color... Blue Mahala owners... reveal yourselves!
  2. I saw one last week at the Vegas boutique .. all of the chatter about the bag in these threads, plus the photos of Lindsey with it and the exposure on Entourage last week made me very curious. It's a beautiful color .. a huge WOW factor for sure. I tried it on .. went back a second time to look at it but didn't feel that overwhelming urge to actually buy the bag. I don't know if it was the size or the color or both. I ended up with the new red Riki bag instead. They also had a maddy .. which was very very cute .. I actually preferred that size/color combo. Just my humble two cents worth.
  3. I ordered a blue Mahala and when it arrived it was just too big and blue for me and I love colored bags! Most of my bags are colored. I only have 1 black and 2 dark brown bags. But I will admit I'm not a fan of large bags and this was kinda big. I would love one in a darker blue color, tho.
    PS... the bag I ordered also had a pretty good scratch on it so it was a little easier to send back.
  4. When the electric blue Mahala first came out earlier this year (for spring/summer 07), I was a bit interested at first. But for me personally, its just too bright and in-your-face to be a wearable, year-round color. I prefer darker, sophisticated jewel tones. There are so many other beautiful color bags that I want more...
  5. I just got my blue Mahala and :heart: it! I usually wear neutral, solid colors (black, brown and white) and work in a fairly conservative atmosphere so the only time I really "punch up" my outfit is either with my bags or my shoes. And so far (granted, only 2 days) I've found the bag fairly easy to wear - it's such an extreme color that it almost goes with anything, if that makes sense. Although I think if you like to wear prints this particular blue would be a bit much. And as far as the size goes, I'm 5'8" (and don't normally wear shoes under 3") so it doesn't look that small on me. HTH!
  6. I actually thought about purchasing it earlier this Summer and then I went a little overboard on bags:blush: and decided to buy the electric blue Utah Wallet. I love it and if I could grab it on sale in a couple of months, I will buy it without a doubt:tup:
    Blue unite.jpg
  7. I just bought the electric blue Mahala last week. It's my first JC bag (first designer handbag for that matter) and I am still convinced I am insane for spending this much on a bag. However, I LOVE it! I love the shape of the Mahala, but I fell in love with this blue even more. I think the bag is the perfect size. I am 5'4'' but I like to carry a big bag. Personally, I think the Maddy is too small.

    As for the color and daily wear, I think it goes with a lot. Blue is my favorite color, and I feel that a lot of the clothes I have in my closet are complimentary to blue (even if they are not blue themselves). My best friend has a fashion design degree from FIT in NYC--the best fashion school in the US. And she said she would carry this bag with any outfit. And she always looks put together, even if she doesn't exactly "match." I do love the plum color, but I was told they aren't carrying that in the US boutiques. If I get another Mahala, I will get the black with gunmetal hardwear!

    As for those who are concerned with the "season" and specific colors for certain months of the year--I say boo hoo. JC just decided to carry this bag over for F/W so I am using it all year long! Oh, and I always wear white after Labor day.
  8. By the way...am I insane for spending this much on a handbag? I am new to this purse forum, and as I stated before, new to the wonderful world of designer handbags. I just need to know from fellow spenders if this is normal. I am not having buyers remorse--I love the bag, but I just want to know how many regular Joe's spend crazy money on bags!
  9. I am so happy that this thread is getting some response - from real people! The only bad thing is - it's not making me want the electric blue any less. VANESS13181: I am definitely a "regular joe" and I sometimes feel a little bad that the money could go to something else, but at the same time, I try to be really careful about having a bag that I actually love and use and not have one just for the sake of having one, and I also personally get sooooo much enjoyment out of the bag that it is totally worth it to me. What would be more insane on my behalf is not the money (not like I have lots of it, because I really don't) but how much happiness that a great handbag can give me. It is actually a little creepy how overly happy a bag can make me feel. I don't think it is the material possession, and if I tried to explain it ya'll would commit me, but seriously - it can totally change my mood, make me feel more powerful and I won't risk carrying on because like I said - I don't want to seem wacked, but it really is a little indulgence that I get to feel every day for even just a few moments and makes me feel like a princess. Okay - it's late and I probably shouldn't have used the word "princess" but I can't think of anything better right now. Bottom line Vaness13181 I think more people than you realize indulge in a great handbag and I have to warn you - you have probably only just begun spending "crazy" money on handbags!
  10. This color is great for a fun accessory like a wallet. Not sure if I can pull off the bag in that color. However, if anyone here is a fan of Entourage on HBO, Mrs. Ari looked absolutely fab with hers!

  11. I need one of these bags. Please if ANYONE sees one, pm me. eBay is not an option.
  12. I think I will look for this color in a clutch. How about some modeling pics you girls with your blue Mahalas!
  13. Today my Electric Blue Maddy arrived :tup: . It is larger than life, so to speak. I love the color. The color of the suede is indeed electric. I cannot wait to take it out.

    I'll get a pic up of my Choo "family" on the other thread when my darn Cognac LP Mahala arrives. It is taking forever!
  14. jburgh, you have chosen some gorgeous colors! Congratulations and looking forward to that family shot!
  15. wow, what a great, fun idea for a thread! it is a gorgeous bag, and i was curious if any non-celebs had it too. it seems like it would go well with a LOT of clothing..

    anyway, vaness 13181, if it makes you feel better, i spend a lot on my bags. i don't have that many, but the ones i do have i wear all the time and hope to keep for sometime. i have realized that (to me at least) great accessories can really personalize and complete an outfit. so to me, a $$$ bag is worth it b/c it elevates an entire outfit and i plan on having it for a long while!