OK be honest whats funky about this bag

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  1. there so has to be something. Every year I sell off some of my bags be they used or I bought it and just changed my mine..no biggie :O)..So I have a place I list mine and I cannot sell this bag to save my life. I paid $179 at the outlet. its the lage size one. Yes I know I can't sell it here so no emails LOL. I even sent it to work with hubby and said hey if someone wants it for 75 take it lol. It still came home. sent it to my friends church sales it came home LOL LOL. Yes I get the fact I bought it and never carried it. Maybe its to pink. And I hate the style

    so be honest is it jsut lame or what LOL
  2. I like the pink color but the color of brown? that is used with it doesnt look good to me.
  3. that my be the issue thanks!.. could be why I never carried it. I tried it on a few times but it just didn't go with the browns and blacks I wear. I bought it and so did my best friend and she carries her's every day that could be part of it. Hey maybe I should wait till her's is warn and give her mine LOL
  4. I love pink, but have seen that purse and it just doesn't do it for me. How long ago did you buy it? You know you can return it at the outlet if you haven't used it.. and if you don't have your receipt they will give you credit for the lowest price, which is probably still more than you are willing to sell it for at this point.
  5. Doesn't do it for me either, but I'm just not a fan of mini-sig at all. I do think that if the trim were white instead of brown, it would be a lot better.
  6. gosh about 6 months ago LOL.. Hubby said well if your friend likes hers sooo much would it be weird of me to give it to her for like her Bday or do I just give it to her. Im 2 hours away from the outlet so its out of my range. I usually go with a friend. I can honesty say I have only bought this one bag that just didn't do it for me. Its big and all but im more of the shoulder tote or ummmm now the carly type lol
  7. I like the pink but I don't like the brown maybe if it was white it would be more likable??
  8. Hmm??? I dunno. I like it. I think it's a great color pink. But there seem to be a lot of people who don't like pink or don't like sig fabric.
  9. Yeah, I also think it's the combination of the pink with the brown AND the small signature
  10. I agree about the brown. It doesn't go with the pink well, and it's kind of an awkward color.
  11. Yep I agree, it's the brown with the pink. I don't know maybe if the brown was lighter??
  12. haha i remember seeing that bag at the outlet...for some reason my bf liked it

    We were looking for a pink bag for his cousin and he kept on saying lets get this one this one....at that point i knew that although i love him, he is getting a print out of my wish list so he would NEVER have to guess what bag to buy me!!

    sorry but the brown looks a little like a doodoo! doodoo topped off with strawberry whipcream hehe!! If only the leather was white it would be hot....hmmm i wonder if you can paint it white!!! im sure there are leather paints out there somewhere!!! it would be very cute then!
  13. Yup I agree too, if the leather was white the bag would be much cuter! The brown is just so heavy for such a light pink. It kinda bring the whole bag down I think.

    If you still have the receipt or the tag and have never used it, the outlet would still take it back. There is no time limit on returns.
  14. I remember seeing it at the outlet and thought the color combo was ugly. My guess is that it's not a popular combination.
  15. That is really not a nice bag at all. I am sorry, just my opinion. You will need to return it to the outlet as I don't think you will be able to sell it.