Ok and one more question....H carry-on?

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  1. With the new regulations on flying with a carry-on, they are only allowing ONE bag to go on board with you (no rolling suitcase for the overhead) and only in these dimensions:

    13-1/2" x 17-1/2" x 6-1/2"
    34cm x 44cm x 16cm

    I would like to take an Hermes "tote" on board but it has to be those dimensions and be able to carry a lot of stuff too. Any thoughts? I don't know the names of all the nylon or canvas bags....but there's one with a zip top I thought might fit the bill. Please any and all suggestions because the bags I already have for flying don't work at all anymore! :sad:
  2. Acapulco? Garden Party may work, too.
  3. I say acapulco tote with the Kelly 28 stuffed inside. Do not pack her!
  4. THAT'S IT, HG! That's the one I was thinking of....Acapulco. I'll go take a look at it tomorrow in SF. What's the one with the leather flap over the top.....I like the looks of that one too.....and do you know which might hold more?
  5. Or a Les Plages with Kelly inside and book/pashmina/stuff...
  6. GT.....what does a Les Plages look like? I'm not sure SF H will have it.......oh lordy....I'm in a twirl......
  7. ^^^^^That would work, too.

    Shopmom, the one with the flap, do you mean the Buenaventura? I think the Acapulco carry-on holds more, the one shaped like a duffle I mean.
  8. Well, Les Pliages is the Longchamp thin foldable tote - totally folds down to almost nothing. It's something you could carry around and stuff KElly into if it rains. Go to longchamp.com. They are under $200 - save the extra money to shop in Paris! Also, you wouldn't worry as much with dirt and such from the plane/airport.
  9. Hi ShopMom, I'm new:yahoo: ( i just posted a thread for the first time.. I'm so excited!!- can't wait to chat bags with you all - If you want me that is... :love: .
    I read some of your postings and I think you're fabulous!!! Congrats on your trip to Paris! (if you want some good addresses - PM me.. I know all the good consignment shops there.
    and also the brand outlets as I used to go to Paris often for work. My BF just came back from Europe and they let her board with her hard roller ( a croc Kelly she had bought) and she wore her birkin on her arm So basically, do not panick. because it seems that one thing is what they are "saying" another is what they are letting you take on. ( same with the whole “you can’t take liquids on board- she wears contacts and had her saline and they didn’t say anything).
    My recommendation to you.. is that if you want to take a Birkin or kelly, you pop them in a big nylon tote and wear it open inside - the Xrays machines are hell on the Hermes bags and actually once stained one of my babies with gucky black stuff : it was terrible. Ever since then, I find that the Longchamp nylon tote ( which costs aprox $ 60- $ 70 if I recall corrrectly)- fits a Birkin as a sleeve perfectly, ( if has the same bottom width as the Birkin! and the long handles are a godsend, because you can convert your hermes Birkin into a shoulder tote to be able to comfortably hold out your ticket and possport etc...!

    But if you're looking to buy a tote for the plane: and you want it to be Hermes, it’s called a “fourre tout” and it’s usually grey or brown or blackish nylon.. it comes in various sizes.. but why buy it here ? Buy it in Paris, and get detaxe and it’ll be SO much cheaper!
    Ok, those are just my thoughts… why pay more.. when you can waltz into the motherhouse and buy a fourre tout for a lot less over there! No?:wlae:
  10. Your Girls Are GREAT!!!!! Thanks for being so patient with my questions and crazyness.....on the phone right now on hold with BA trying to change flights....oiy vey!

    WELCOME Lucy.....the ladies on board this Forum are friendly, kind, knowledgeable and just wonderful to know. You'll have fun here! Oh and please, post some pics of your lovely bags! We LOVE to look!!!!!!
  11. Shopmom, your trip is creating such a flurry of excitement, what with which bags to take, buying out the mothership on arrival etc. I leave for Europe the week after you and I swear I am more excited for your trip than my own! (But then I won't be in Paris, alas, just the UK, and a couple of days in Geneva where I will get to Hermes.)
  12. LOLO......but just think about that glorious package waiting for you in the UK!!!!

    Actually, PHH will have a coronary on the spot if I even LOOK like I'm reaching into my bag for my cc while in the Mothership. Looks like I'm going to have to ditch him somewhere in order to pillage!
  13. Welcome aboard, Lucy. You have a list of recommended Hermes consignment stores in Paris?:nuts: Please share! if I'm successful in convincing a certain person to use his timeshare in France, I may be able to swing by those places!
  14. Sorry shopmom, I can't contribute to your carry-on question, but I am just excited for your trip to Paris! :yahoo:
  15. Shopmom! nothing slips by you, dear D - I don't know how you can even remember I have a parcel waiting in the UK (honestly, I can't be sure which scarves are in it, but if I need to know I can just ask you!!!)
    As for your PHH: surely to goodness the man has an expensive hobby that can be fed? Between fly-fishing, old Landrovers and aviation, my husbeast is well entertained and distracted from my own shopping. Get him collecting something, anything, to keep him distracted.