ohmygod i swear i was about to die this morning

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  1. i was on the train this morning and it was already a very slow train with lots of stopping inbetween train stations because of a sick passenger at 14th street. so when we pull in finally at 14th street some got off, more got on. and i had my nano blasting. well this black man with a huge camouflage knapsack starts screaming at the top of his lungs, and mind you i had my nano blasting at 75 percent power and i could hear every single word he was saying.


    holy good god, i swear i looked at him, he was sitting right across from me, and we are stuck in the tunnel because of train delays, with no where to go because it's one of those new trains where the exits are locked. and we are all sitting there, trying to ignore him. but it's really hard because he gets up and walks the length of the car and back pointing and screaming at everyone. yes we new yorkers try to look cool and calm even though we're about to die.

    so after about 5 minutes of him him screaming, "YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!" the train pulls into the stop, more people get off and he sits down right next to me! i'm thinking, my stop is the next one, so maybe he'll pipe down and i'll just wait it out.

    so after a few more seconds we were stuck at the train station, these 4 cops enter the car and stand at the exits looking around. i couldn't believe my eyes. the cops were here! YAY!!!! and this old lady in the corner seat, laughing quietly, pointed at the crazy man.

    the cops surrounded us both they talked to him and got him off the train without causing any more disruption.

    was i relieved!!! i was totally shaken up, let me tell you. it's been an hour since, and it's wearing off a little. but that was a totally scary experience, but a good story to tell. lol.
  2. WHOA!!!! I would have freaked out and screamed for HELP! I get that from my mom I guess... You can't always be certain if someone is just crazy or sincere
  3. Wow !!! that does sound scary. 14st is my least favourite stop , it is always so crowded.
    Im glad you are safe.
  4. eek! I wouldnt know what to do!!!!Hide in my bag!???
  5. Wow Fayden,
    I probably would have passed out. Hope you are feeling much better now. Man if I lived in New York (which I think would be so cool) I probably wouldnt last 5 minutes. Im such a scardy cat!
  6. I would have gotten on at the next stop regardless if it was mine or not!
    How scary!
    Glad your ok
  7. i know i was really debating to get off the car train... ugh. i wish there was an express bus that took me from my house to wall street.
  8. OMG! I'm glad that you are safe. It's clear that he is mentally disturbed, and hopefully, is getting help. There is a guy on my morning commute in DC that talks to himself. At first, it was unnerving, but I've gotten used to him and he is pretty harmless. You were definitely really brave Fayden, and hopefully your evening commute won't be so exciting/scary.
  9. :amazed: I would have been hysterical. What a nut! I'm glad everything turned out all right!
  10. How scary!! I would have freaked. I am so glad that you weren't hurt.

  11. I hate freaks on the tube, its really the fact that you're trapped in there with them. I'm sorry you had to go through that! *hugs*
  12. Eek! Poor girl. I'm just glad that everything is OK. You just never know what you'll see on the subway...I know I've experienced my share of crazies on the Metro in DC.
  13. OH fayden, so sorry you had to go through that, that's horrible. I wouldn't able to have him sitting next to me, I think as soon as he sat down next to me I would have jumped and walked away, I guess that'd upset him more. But I would definitely not be able to sit calmly next to him like you did. Hope you are feeling better.
  14. Oh my gosh. I am really glad that you are ok. I know, I take teh subway to get to school, and yeah you do meet pretty scary people. But I am glad, you are ok, and things did not get way too out of hand.
  15. I'm glad you're safe. What a scary experience...