oh yeah!

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  1. i went to the great ocean road on one of those day trip buses this morning with my brother.

    and i took my mono wapity (which i recently bought for my digital camera case) for the first time along with my damier geant messenger bag.

    there were these two girls and their mums (maybe?), and they saw my mono wapity. they said: OMG! that guy has an LV for his digital camera case!!

    i was like: :graucho: thats right girls!!

    then they saw my bag later on, and said: ****! his bag is also from LV! :wtf:

    i was like: thats right too! :yes:

    i am happy that i bought the wapity case, it attracted so many attentions from the other tourists. hahaha.... today had to be one of the best days ever!
  2. hehehe... why don't I ever get that! I carry LV almost everything! Bag, pochette, agenda....

    I'm glad it made your day!
  3. definitely the highlight of the trip! LOL!

    everything else was so so hahahaha
  4. Lol.
  5. Sounds like you had a great day, I bet you looked so hot with your LVs!!
  6. Good for you! I'm sure you looked great!:flowers:
  7. the attention and recognition is nice sometimes. especially if its from other genuine LV admirers :yes:
  8. AHAHA...i LOooove those days!! good stuff!
  9. true..:yes:
  10. Very nice! Its good to be noticed!! :biggrin:
  11. ITA...I use my wapity for my camera too sometimes!
  12. cute story! =)
  13. Good for you... Finally something positive...:yahoo:
  14. I read it as, ohhhh YEAH! lol. Good stuff. It's nice to get positive attention.
  15. Great Story! Glad you had a great day.