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  1. While I am happy that Megs announced we are getting a mod soon, she mentioned right now they are working on the bbags forum which is closed. Is the Coach sub forum going to be closed and if so for how long? I ask because I'll need to find something to fill the void. Maybe I'll get a new book or something.
  2. ^^lol
  3. Maybe we can all plan to crash another forum for a while,, hehe
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I get on here to relax, fill time and enjoy all the bags (even if I can not get one). Oh and find someone who enables, I mean supports, my habit, I mean hobby. :tpfrox:
  5. Me to!! My fiances doesn't have to hear me talk about purses all the time now since I found TPF. I love it
  6. we should just all go to the main handbags and purses forum and talk about stuff there. not take it over or anything, but they are nice over there!!
  7. The only downside is, that if there starts to be TOO many Coach related threads... they will start closing them. Some of the bbag threads started getting closed.
  8. I thought she had said it would only be down for a day or so?
  9. It probably just depends on how much they have to clean up/move around... The Bal area has been closed for T-minus 3 days and counting... (well, I was gone this weekend, so it might be a bit longer)... but they had ALOT of duplicate threads & such going on over there, and they are making a new shopping area...

    So, it probably depends on how much stuff they have to move around in the Coach area??? KWIM?
  10. we have no plans to close Coach guys:lol: calm down! LOL!
    B-Bags was closed for LOTS of reasons:yes: it's kept us very busy, hopefully a Coach Mod will be announced soon.

    But, if for some reason Coach did close temporarily, Coach threads are not permitted elsewhere, they'd be closed if you post them outside the Coach Forum.
  11. ^^ Cool thanks for the update.
  12. ^^Thanks, Swanky!^^

  13. Thanks for the update.
  14. Thanks swanky!
  15. Thanks swanky!! I was starting to panic at the thought of both of my "areas" being closed at the same time... :p