oh no!!!

  1. Oh no!!!"the city" in black is sold out at LVR!!!I live in Sweden do anybody knows if Aloha Rag ship to Europe or does anybody knows a place to order from?I am going to email Browns in London.:sad: :sad: :sad:
  2. oh, i'm sorry to hear that.
    i think the crickett in london also sells it online?
  3. Don't worry baby bag, you'll find one soon. I think Aloha Rag ships to Europe (they've shipped to me in Australia several times), plus their shipping is free for items over US$500 or so. As of last week, they had the black city in stock, so they probably still do. Give them a go.
  4. Harvey Nichols has 10 on order and they'll ship internationally..
  5. Is Harvey Nichols in London:confused1:
  6. Yes. So you do not need to pay taxes as part of the EU.
  7. Harvey Nichols is in London, but I don´t know the number..maybe its in the "where to buy balenciaga" - thread in the Achtung section

    Have you tried Balenciaga Paris? They would ship to you.
  8. I think I would try Balenciaga Paris. I have order from LVR before but the city in black was sold out. But they have the city in Sapin and it´s looks great so mayby I go for Sapin:yes:
  9. dear Aloha Rag does ship to sweeden as stated in their site!! :yahoo: see attachement (a screen shot from a link in their site)
    you can always double check with them by emailing them on love@aloharag.com
    i must say they have the friendliest customer service ever!! and what could be better than shipping for free if purchase is $500+ !!
  10. Thanks I have mail them but I have to pay taxes when I live in Sweden so I am going to check Harvey Nicols in London:yes:
  11. selfridges in uk has the city in black ,i am not sure whether they ship intrenationally,the london HN no is 020-7235-5000
  12. Ask for James if you order from Harvey Nichols - he really 'gets 'it' about the leathers and smooshiness....good luck!
  13. Thatsgood to know!Thanks!:yes:
  14. Maybe I try Selfridges...:yes: Thanks
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