Oh no

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  1. there was that nm 2 for 1 sale that recently ended. perhaps the seller purchased multiple zc's with the intent to sell them on ebay. i would email him/her and ask for a tracking number. you can also ask about the new listing s/he has up. i'm sure they'll just tell you that they have the same item for sale and didn't want to take different pictures for it. i understand your alarm though, so email the seller and see what s/he says.
  2. I hope this is true but I think she relisted
  3. hope you find out more info soon.:sweatdrop:
  4. hmmm... i wonder if the seller meant to "sell something like it" and hit the "relist" instead. you paid using paypal, right? did you use a cc or debit card? either way, you should qualify for buyer protection. i know it's agonizing, but you have to wait for the seller to respond. i would give the person two days max. if she hasn't responded by then, i would open a dispute.
  5. Well the auction is changed ever so slightly, a couple more images. I did PP with a CC. I have a bad feeling now, looking at my auction I see 2 images of what looks like an older kind of beat up zc. I bet thats what I'm getting, heres my auction:http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEBTOX:IT&item=110236479743&_trksid=p3984.cTODAY.m238.lVI
  6. I hope not!! Keep us posted.
  7. oh dear! I hope not either... if she doesn't respond soon, get her attention by filing a paypal claim. yikes!
  8. ^^ omg okay...i emailed this seller before and she said
    thank you for pointing that out, actually the wallet which is more worn out if for sale, the photos were unintentional mistake, thank you

    - brands609"

    that was NOT honest at all on her part, she should've taken the other pictures down right away as soon as i pointed that out...i'm sorry gooddog. Maybe you should try getting a refund right away!
  9. ^ wait. so she's selling another used wallet or the same wallet she was supposed to have sold to gooddog? what is going on? i would ask for a refund right away. this all sounds so sketchy.
  10. that is so very dirty of her/him

  11. so was this response to a question about the newer second listing or for gooddog's auction?? either way this is soooo messed up :cursing: gooddog should be able to get a refund based on misrepresentation of the item...
  12. Wow! Get your money asap gooddog!
  13. ITA! I hate THIEVES! I hate this happened to you.:hysteric:
  14. I am soo bummed out. She's not responding to me at all. I passed on bidding on another zc that went for far less because I had already won this one. I bid based on the auth images the zip head et all, who knows what she'll send if anything.