OH NO oh no no no WHY did I have to see this one??

  1. :love: It's gorgeous, it's lovely, it's perfect... pre-owned... I shouldn't, I can't, I...

  2. It is, it is, it sure is. Wow! You should, you can!!! :yes:
  3. Oh what the heck, just do it:yahoo:
  4. That bag is out of this world GORGEOUS! Please tell us you caved and bought it- it is incredible!!!!!! DROOL!!!
  5. BUT IT!! BUY IT!!:yahoo:
  6. I LOOOOOVE blue bags and this one is a stunner.
    How could you NOT?!!
  7. It's absolutely stunning! Go for it!!! :love:
  8. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful! You should.. :love:
  9. That is amazing, please let us know what you decide.
    By the way, go for it!
  10. You cant let this one go! It's gorgeous!
  11. That blue is stunning!
  12. It's an oldie but a sure goodie!!
  13. buy it buy it buy it. it is too beautiful for words
  14. my eyes, my eyes. They should not be subjected to such perfection on a Friday afternoon.

    That is one georgeous bag, please tell us you caved in and bought it. That colour would go with everything.

    just off to wipe my dribble off ;)
  15. You MUST!